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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 17/05/2017 at 14:49

Hi Everyone - Plant Fair lived up to all expectations, came home clutching 2 super Red Robin Potentillas that I got in exchange for some stilton & celery scones! Forced myself not to buy anything else as so much left to plant in new garden -Lawn disappearing rapidly!!! - Pushkin caught first rabbit yesterday - great triumph, - it was exploring my new Potager area. - Delighted to hear your news Obelixx, keep hunting. I was eyeing up pallets this morning at Mr Bricolage, but was glared at by workman on bulldozer, so pretended that I was looking at chain link fencing instead!!

Anyway - Here is Lunar Calender 17th-31st May

17 -18th May - Root Days Moon ascending in Capricorn. Sow some beetroot/leeks & Chicory. If planting out Beetroot wait for Leaf Days as initially this is a very weak point to strengthen on transplanting. I had always thought transplanting beetroot should be done on a Root Day, but last year had better luck and stronger plants on Leaf Days.

19-20th May - Flower Days With descending noeud, no gardening before 7.35am on 19th (I don't think you would be anyway!?) Sow cauliflower and broccoli in Nursery Bed, Sow catch crop Annuals to fill empty spaces in Summer. - My Purple Sprouting Broccoli which I bought back from UK is coming on well in pots, will be planting out in new bed soon.

21/22/23rd May - Leaf Days Moon in Pisces - Now you can plant out beetroot plants. I was told to cut the leaves back but never been brave enough - have you tried this method? When the Moon is in Pisces sow salad crops once a month. Sow Brussel Sprouts and Winter Cabbage in Nursery Bed.

24th May - Fruit Day - New Moon -Renew sowings of courgettes and cucumbers.

25/26/27th May - Root Days - Moon perigee on 26th so no gardening recommended before 7.25am Sow carrots and Winter Radishes in alternate rows, the carrots will sweeten the radishes. Thin out both plants every 10cms.

28 & up to 9.13am on the 29th May - Flower Day Lift & Divide Narcissi/Tulips/Hyacinths. Take cuttings from Flowering Shrubs. Plant out Petunias sown 26th Feb.

29/30th May - Moon descending in Cancer - Leaf Days Thin out Leeks. Plant Celery and Sweet Fennel sown 24-26th April.

31st May - Fruit Day but no gardening recommended between 7.50am and 16.05pm Take a Break! Noeud ascending.

Hoping your having a lovely holiday GWRS and the Beer is good in that Pub! Miss a British Pint!

All advice welcomed from everybody. Keep this Thread lively.

Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/05/2017 at 13:57

Hi Obelixx - Apart from the scaffolding planks that the builders oposite gave me I have bought 6 raised bed kits from Super-U and intend to add 2 more from 'Point Vert' as advertised last week. I find Super-U and Point Vert are the most competetive out here to look at -The others very fragile construction and I think would rot really quickly. If I can get computer to take photos I shall put them up. Off to UK now to stock up on other goodies I can't get here!

Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 01/05/2017 at 17:11

Hurray I'm Back!!! -No Internet connection for nearly a fortnight -So so sorry everyone. Anyway we have moved successfully and already digging for victory in the new garden! Cutting back shrubbery which is too near house, so that I can make a flowerbed for Spring and Autumn Bulbs plus flowers under the canopy of very pretty Syringa/Variagated Cornus over which I am letting my 3 clematis scramble to create Summer colour - Forsythia and wild roses. So excited to get started although hemmed in today by heavy rain. Last w/e we were exhibiting near Versailles and this morning we returned from a Garden Fair south of Rouen where I struck a great deal for a lovely 'Golden Dawn' Azalea which is orangy/lemony/cream and very very pretty. So just for now here is the weather report for May which promises to be a hot and dry month after the 5th with scattered showers expected 14/15th and 28/29th -Some cold winds kicking in  occasionally but apart from the 14th no major drops in temperature expected.

Here is the Lunar Calender 1st-16th May in case the Internet goes down again (Teach us to move to the middle of nowhere!!)

1st May Flower Day - Moon descending in Gemini Plant potted perennials/Hanging baskets and hardy annuals if not too cold at night.

2/3rd May - Leaf Days with Moon in Cancer - Prune evergreen hedges and Box plus carry out topiary Plant out salads sown 27/30th March.

4/5/6th May - Fruit Days Moon in Leo - No gardening on the 4th before 4.50pm as Noeud ascending Plant out aubergines/chillies/peppers and tomatoes sown 21-23rd February and courgettes sown 17-19th April - Prick out Melons under glass sown 30th March. Pop a nettle top in each hole with a pinch of comfrey before planting as this will provide ongoing 'bio' nutrition to these hungry plants. WATCH OUT for FROST on the Saints de Glace days 11/12/13th May Once past these days the French say no more frosts expected.

7/8/9th May - Root Days Moon in Virgo - Plant out leeks sown 4-6th March remembering to top and tail them to encourage stronger root growth and avoid weak and weedy grassy leaves. Thin out parsnips sown 1-2nd April  and thin out celeriac for a second time to allow good root growth.

10/11th May - Full Moon 10.42pm - Note the colour - If Orangy watch out for those Saints de Glace Days -Frost will definately follow - so fleece all those plants up well. Flower Days with Moon in Libra. Prune all Spring flowering shrubs that have finished flowering, plant out pelergoniums/begonias and French Marigolds sown 29-31st January. Thin out flowers sown outside 22-23rd April.

12/13th May - No gardening on 12th after 3.45pm Moon apogee (Furthest point from Earth so weak and weedy forces at work) Leaf Days -Plant herbs (If I've got round to putting up my raised beds, I'm going to plant a herb in each corner as opposed to making a herb bed -should look pretty and act as beneficial plant to attract insects/butterflies and companion plant to edibles) Plant out Brussel Sprouts and cabbages sown 27-30th March. Prick out Celery sown 24-26th April.

14/15/16th May - Fruit Days Moon ascending in Sagittarius. Sow Dwarf and Climbing French Beans/Mangetouts/and Main crop Peas -Repeat sowings once a month until July on Fruit Days. 

We shall have just got back from favourite garden fair of the year 'Rond de Jardin' at Evreux. 13/14th May -The whole town South of Rouen opens its gardens free of charge and it is just the best Fair for picking up real bargains with some 135 top Nurseries present. Because exhibiting is free with hotels heavily reduced in price for this w/e plants are really cheap as we do not have to recoup our costs - So a great time will be had by all with a wonderful free Buffet Dinner on the Saturday for all exhibitors in the Chateau. -Oh it's a difficult life

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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 07/04/2017 at 13:03

Hi Obelixx

What a super plot! Yes I agree timber costs are really high -I too am improvising, Japanese Onions doing well but keeping them in polystyrene tubs (Old Broccoli Boxes) for the time being. Other plants seem happy in pots, certainly can't do anything until after Easter as we have not moved in yet!!! Just keep chatting to the pots and tubs. O/H thinks I am truly bonkers worrying more about moving my plants than furniture! -Have not told the cats yet, but they know something's up -House looks a bit emptier and Potager has changed!

Anyway have a good w/e -Must dash, off to Garden Fair, have to set our stand up tonight ready for opening 7am tomorrow!!!

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 07/04/2017 at 11:09

Hi GWRS -Mercy dash to water plants in new garden before we leave for Fete des Jardins Chateau de Pommorio - Thank goodness we actually move in easter w/e -Managing 2 gardens is not easy (1 half empty now 1 half full!!) Just had to say that I am so sorry that you have been in hosp and I do hope that you are feeling better - Take it gently. Beautiful sunrise this morning to cheer us all.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 05/04/2017 at 16:57

Hi Everyone

Off to Garden Fair in Brittany tomorrow -First big one of the Season -Really looking forward to it before the final shift to new house and garden. GWRS Scaffolding planks arrived this morning for raised beds -The Calva worked!! Also bought myself 4 prefab one's as a starter 1.20m x 1.20m x 30cms high, as I know I shall be tempted to buy some Potager goodies this w/e!!! Also want to buy fresh herbs for new bed. Sage and Rosemary really past it. Baby Lavenders doing well from cuttings though.

Here is the Lunar Calender for 6th-19th April 2017

6/7/8th April - Fruit Days Moon descending but watch out for ascending noeud on the 7th No gardening before 3.20pm. Plant out strawberries and other Bush Fruit. Prick out aubergines/peppers and chillies sown 24-27th January and tomatoes sown 21-23rd February. Earth up Broad Beans and Peas sown 20-22 March.

9/10/11th April -(lots of days bunched together this month which is good as gives us all leaway to get things down. Full Moon 7.08am on the 11th Root Days - Plant 1st Potatoes like Charlotte & Ratte, remembering to earth them up from 25cms onwards. Plant out leeks sown 27-29th January. Prick out Celeriac sown 4-6th March. Thin out Beetroot and Carrots sown 23-24th March

12/13/14th April - Moon in Libra so Flower Days - Plant out container grown shrubs and Perennials. Prune Forsythia and other spring flowering shrubs if they have finished flowering. Prick out pelargoniums sown 29-31st January.

15/16th April -Happy Easter! - Moon apogee (Furthest point from earth) on 15th so no gardening before 4.10pm Prick out Cabages and Brussel Sprouts sown 27-30th March.

17/18/19th April - Moon in Sagittarius so Fruit Days - If Greenhouse is comfortably sticking at 20C Sow courgettes/pumpkins and squash pour planting out in May and harvesting from July. Sow wrinkled peas and start grafting fruit trees.

Well, I have to say that I don't envy you this year with that amount of work to do - I shall be buying plants this year for the Potager, as no chance to sow anything, particularly as I did not even know what sort of garden we might end up with. Soil Testing new plot tomorrow, then I know what not to invest in this weekend!

So Happy Gardening to all.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 03/04/2017 at 15:54

Hi Everyone

Sorry for late start to April -Taking advantage of good weather to move plants to new garden over the w/e. 63 turned into 312 and still counting!! Just can't leave treasures behind.

Anyway April promises to be a nice month and very springlike despite foggy mornings in some regions up until the 12th when the temperature will dip again particularly from the 16th -23rd. From 24th temperatures pick up and a mini heatwave sets in. No foreseeable rain, so treasure any showers in those water butts.

Watch out for the Lunar Calender for April tomorrow. O/H wants me to load the trailer again!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 18/03/2017 at 09:11

Well that weather has changed as predicted - So glad I potted up some treasures for moving earlier this week. Rain wind and horrors today. Glad we have a Plant Fair Indoors tomorrow. Going to sell plants I don't want anymore to raise dosh for new goodies for new garden!!!

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 14:01

Hi Everyone - Here are a couple of tips I picked up this morning from a Nurseryman who only plants according to the Lunar Cycle - When transplanting welsh onions/chives or leeks, trim their roots and divide clumps on a descending Moon in preference during the constellation Cancer or Scorpio (Leaf Days) thus guaranteeing fast establishment and strong plants.

Here is the Lunar Calender 17th-31st March

17th March - Flower Day Moon Descending in Libra. Prick out Cauliflowers and Broccoli and Busy Lizzies (Impatiens) sown 26th Feb. Prune Summer flowering shrubs.

18/19th March - Leaf Days Moon in Scorpio - No gardening after 12.30pm on 18th Moon apogee (Furthest point in cycle from Earth)Plant asparagus. Split clumps of chives or Welsh Onions (Use tip obtained this am) Continue blanching dandelions (These are fantastic raw sprinkled with olive oil and tossed with hot crispy bacon as a warm salad and garnished with garlic croutons) Plant rhubarb and bush herbs.Prick out cabbages sown 1-3rd Feb. Thin out spinach and lettuce sown 28th Feb 1/2 march.

20/21/22nd March - Fruit Days Moon ascending from 5.24am on 21st in Sagittarius. Sow Round Peas and Broad Beans outside, earthing up well once they have sprouted. Graft Fruit Trees.

23/24th March Root Days - Sow Carrots/Radishes and Beetroot for early crops outside.

25/26th March Flower Days - Moon ascending -Despite winds and variable weather predicted Sow first annuals outside and sweet peas.

27/28/29/30th March - New Moon 3.57am 28th March - Leaf Days No gardening after 8.25am on 30th Moon at nearest point to Earth i Cycle (perigee) - In a well exposed Nursery Bed sow Cabbages/Brussell Sprouts and Salad crops. Under Heat sow Rocket/Parsley (Pour boiling water over Parsley Seed first) and Chervil. On 30th at 10.53am Moon moves into Aries so Fruit Day starts -Sow Melons.

31st March - Root Day Sow more Radishes.

Happy Gardening and Keep all comments and extra info coming!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 16/03/2017 at 15:35

Pushkin fine -Now looking for more trouble -We moved trailer to load up with garden bits and bobs and to his delight he found various carcasses stashed away by Boots the Bengal in different states of decay! 2 Rabbit Ears, 1 Large Wing (Pheasant?) and Best end of Rat promptly carried into house by one very happy kitten. Smacked bottom and thrown out again with the debris!!! Oh Joy!. Still I am over the Moon (Ouch I didn't mean that!) Last Month on a Lunar Fruit Day, I stuck Redcurrant and Gooseberry Prunings into ground and they have taken!!! So now I have last year's Baby Blackcurrants to move plus reds and goosegogs -Absolutely delighted.

Watch out for Lunar Calender tomorrow.-Before Calva with Builders! (hic)

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