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Boycott Thomson and morgan

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 14:27

I'm afraid (or should I say happy) to say that I have always been delighted with T & M even though this year my order went to Spain in error. It was sorted out quickly and I got to keep the Spanish client's order and she got to keep mine by mutual consent - So I got 2 seed orders for the price of one without moving from my computer!

However I also like to go to Nurseries and Seed Counters personally and NOT online. So I feel that I have the best of both worlds.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 13:49

Hi there - Kennelled myself indoors against the heat. Up at 5am (4am UK!) to attend to Potager and Flower Garden having been away for 3 days. Gosh how things have grown even in that time! Now 37C outside - not nice. Great surprise last night when I went to water plot - Found dozens of raspberries had ripened plus red gooseberries/white currants and 1st strawberries. Such a treat - Pudding sorted with home made ice cream!

Anyway here is Lunar Calender 1st-20th July to give you choices to choose when to do what according to the heatwaves we seem to be getting!

Moon Ascending

1 -3rd July - Fruit Days. Take graftings from Apples/pears and plums. Sow Courgettes outside in pockets of 3 - keeping healthiest plant that comes up - These should be ready for cropping from September until 1st frosts. Only water at the roots to avoid mildew.

4-5th July - Root Days Sow Winter Turnips. Keep them moist and place in light shade against direct sun. You can always finish them off under cloches if early frosts strike. On 5th do not garden after 2.50pm as Moon at highest point so weak forces.

6th July (Plus late afternoon evening 5th July) - Flower Days In nursery bed sow pansies and other spring flowering flowers. Sow lupins where you wish them to flower to avoid transplanting in early Spring - They will be stronger for it.

7/8/9th July - Leaf Days - So Lambs Lettuce/ Spinach and/or Rocket plus more Chard in patch previously used for peas or broad beans. thety will benefit from the Fixed Nitrogen. Harvesting should start from September. Chinese Cabbage can also be sown now and a final sowing of Pak Choi. Sow the last endives to guarantee a successful autumn crop.

10/11th July - Fruit Days - Sow Dwarf or Climbing Beans in sunny but sheltered spot. Choose early varieties to guarantee Autumn Pickings.

12/13/14th July - Root Days - )This only applies to the morning of the 14th as Moon changes to Descending half way through this day).Sow Winter Radish and Winter Carrots.

Moon Descending from 4.30pm 14th July so changes to Flower Day.

15/16th July - Flower Days - Take cuttings from fuschias and buddleas in particular. Prick out Bi-annuals and perennials sown 8-9th June.

17th July - Leaf Day - If Dry & Sunny start blanching endive. You should be able to cut them 10 days later.

18/19/20th July - Fruit Days - Prune Fan Apples & Pears hard. Cut down to the ground Fruited Raspberries. Cut back feeding tomatoes to encourage ripening of fruit. Take out courgette & pumpkin tops to concentrate energy into existing fruit.Prepare new strawberry beds for new stock to be planted in August.

NOW - Just a few biodynamic Notes to finish (Please ask for more info) HARVEST SEEDS :- Flowers on Flower Days up to 16th July. SLUGS - Spray leaf plants early in the morning with relevant bio sprays (see notes on macerations etc on this thread) during Leaf times for best results. If burning slugs to create slug ash best dates are between 16th-18th July.

Weather Prediction. Warm Rain Showers forecast from 20th July when Sun moves from Gemini into Cancer. Prior to this strong heat periods are foreseen in first half of month due to 3 Light Influences reinforced by Neptune while retrograde in Aquarius primarily 1st (ironically today!) 8th & 13th July being key hotspots.There are 2 Water Trines in 21st/22nd July making the second part of July wetter.

As I said last month I have hesitated to enter weather forecasts to date - BUT every month up to now according to Biodynamic Calender has actually been accurate so for those interested I have put July in.

Happy gardening - Please ask questions and do make comments. All are valued.



New Potatoes

Posted: 01/07/2015 at 13:07

Fruitcake - Did you grow yours in pots or direct in ground? I can't spare the space but do leave rogues from the compost heap to grow on, as tasty spuds albeit 5-6 usually tucked underneath.


Posted: 01/07/2015 at 13:04

Glad I did earth up the 'Greyhound' cabbages as it seems to have encouraged them to start hearting up. Found first caterpillar eggs (little gold ones?) this morning after only being away 3 days! Have prepared a Tansy Brew and am going to rest some environmesh over the tops in hopes of protection.

Tips Aubergines/peppers Chillies

Posted: 25/06/2015 at 15:25

Yes.- You can also use Rhubarb leaves the same way and/or Wormwood. With wormwood wear gloves during preperation as it can cause skin allergy (Other name is Absinthe)

More Peas?

Posted: 25/06/2015 at 15:22

We only ever eat our peas in salads as seems a waste to cook just a few mouthfuls. Normally we eat pods and all in September because so young and not likely to get much bigger. One of the reasons I grow Mangetouts now, but they really don't like late sowing. Wondered if I could try Early Variety like Onward to sneak a decent crop in.

New Potatoes

Posted: 25/06/2015 at 15:18

Well! - 23 diddy potatoes which made yummy mouthfuls last night.


Posted: 24/06/2015 at 16:49

Yes I have planted mine out in Squares so not only is there no need to stake as they help each other but I can plant tagetes around edge to distract slugs and tansy to act as a deterrent to cabbage white butterflies because it smells evil when you rub it between your hands. Tall Poppies seem to have distracted the butterflies at present, but of course they won't last long - Very pretty though.

Tips Aubergines/peppers Chillies

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 16:45

Do I have to limit number of peppers or aubergines fruiting to get decent sizes?

Just in passing on the subject of tomatoes - Tomato leaves make an excellent strong insecticide against ants/mosquitos/leek moths & cabbage white butterflies. Put trimmings in plastic bucket add 3 times their volume in rainwater, leave for several days (fermentation starts the 3rd day) Filter when nice and smelly and pour over the soil around brassicas/onion family and ant nests. Not only does this brew act as a deterrent, but it also encourages strong plant growth. You could just chuck the leaves on the compost, but I prefer to make a 'Brew' and recycle. The biodynamic way.

New Potatoes

Posted: 24/06/2015 at 16:35

Have felt lots of weird shapes with Ratte. Potato Salad tonight so will let you know what I find in pot! Just in passing I tip pot into wheelbarrow then once I have removed goodies, I tip spent compost (minus haulm which tends to sprout again if any tubers left by mistake) around spare areas in veg plot.

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