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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 03/07/2017 at 16:03


Staked Broad Beans yesterday and netted raspberries as thrushes threatening to attack. Big birds not on Cat List -wrens are a Puss preference. I was given a Globe Artichoke. Bought sack of horse manure from Super Market and Bio Compost as mine nowhere near ready yet. Gosh I wish we had our UK stables back -I used to grow everything on the muck heap! - Can I grow Rhubarb in pot or as book says will it be allright in border. Ideas welcome! Same question for Globe Artichoke.

Planning ahead

Posted: 02/07/2017 at 12:21

Japanese Onions planted as sets in polystyrene tubs (Grocers Broccoli Boxes ideal) guaranteed success overwintered in greenhouse. Best onions that I have ever grown - Harvested without transplanting at all end May beginning June -Also can be topped for salads and lifted as Spring Onions if you have too many. I got 30 to a box. You can grow them outside but you would need to cover them with straw in the Winter.


Posted: 02/07/2017 at 12:11

I have 3 beautiful figs on my 3yr old tree, please can you tell me how to tell when they are ripe. Also do I need to feed a fig, and how do I care for it maintaining the baby fruit in Winter. Last year they all fell off except these 3.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 02/07/2017 at 12:04

Hi Everyone

Talking of weeds GWRS just read article about making use of them other than chucking on the compost heap. chop them up roots and all and put in potato sack. submerge this in container of rainwater for 1 week. Lift out and throw contents of bag on compost heap then dilute fermented liquid 1 x 10parts water and water salads in particular to stimulate growth. This preperation releases nitrogen absorbed by the weeds in the air and concentrates it into a wonderful brew. This recipe according to the article is courtesy of Maria Thun who practised biodyversity methods which are now continued by her son an whom I have followed closely with interest. Also I bought 3 Rhubarb plants yesterday as spending too much money buying rhubarb for puds/cakes etc and I want to use the leaves as a maceration (Same recipe as for weeds) against black spot on roses/rust on leeks and most important against slugs and snails.

So July according to Bio Calender is predicted to be hot/humid and thundery with particular emphasis on 10-14th July for strong heat 16-23rd for thunderstorms and heavy rain followed by fresher air up to 25th when heat lessens slightly and a very dry hot August predicted. Interesting to note that General TV and Newspaper weather reports seem to indicate this too. Perhaps for once we are all right!

Here is the Lunar Calender 2-18th July

2nd July - Moon descending in Virgo Root Day. Harvest Early potatoes/garlic and onions from now onwards.

3/4/5th July (up to 9.47am on 5th) Flower Days Moon in Libra. Plant out Cauliflowers sown 19-20th May making sure that you cover them up to 1st leaf and firm in well against wind rock later in year.

5-6th July - Leaf Days. No gardening before 10.35am on 6th Moon apogee (at furthest point from Earth so when working soil and tampering with plants weakens plants so an excellent time to weed and clear paths) Plant out Brussel Sprouts and Winter Cabbages sown 21-23rd May. Thin out salads sown 17-20th June.

7//8/9th July - Full Moon 5.06am 9th July - Moon switches to ascension 11.49am on 8th so mixed period for growth. Fruit Days - Start grafting apples/pears and plums. Sow some more courgettes for harvest in September. This particular sowing often avoids mildew.

10/11/12th July - Moon ascending in Capricorn so Root Days. Sow Turnips and Winter Carrots. No gardening before 11.25pm on 12th as noued descending (Just to remind you -This is when the Moon passes through the centre path of the eliptic path where it is inclined 5.09degrees. It crosses this point twice in the month. Once when Moon ascending and once when Moon descending- In both cases it is deemed to have harmful magnetic effects on plants)

13/14th July - Flower Days - In a nursery bed so pansies/violas bi annuals and perennials. In preference sow lupins where they are to flower as they do not like being transplanted. Gather herbs for tisanes.

15/16/17th July - Moon ascending in Pisces so Leaf Days. Sow Lambs Lettuce where peas or broad beans were planted. They will appreciate the nitrogen fixing material from roots that you should have left in the ground. Sow first Winter Lettuce for harvesting in Autumn and some Chinese Salads that appreciate a warm start and don't mind fresher Autumn Days when adult.

So there we are -another month starts and so much to do!! -Got chatting yesterday to my vegetable lady who sold me the rhubarb and gave me an artichoke plant to try, turns out she has a Biodynamic Market Garden -This I must see, she has invited me round next week, so I shall hopefully get lots of tips to pass on to you.

Please keep comments coming. I see lots of you follow this Thread-We do need more input!!!

Pushkin 'moling' on the lawn. Better go and rescue mole!!

Happy Gard

Best Free Garden Design App

Posted: 30/06/2017 at 16:59

Thanks for all the great advice. Have found 2 good american sites as only want ideas to work from as have made 3 gardens from scratch before. This is just a fun challenge. -I moved with 310 plants instead of the 60 chosen! Rose Garden is in. Raised beds are in. Back Flower Border for Spring and Autumn is in. Fruits Bed is in -Now  am challenged with S/W facing bank with dry neutral clay soil. and I would like to do something with the gravel area which surrounds the house. Only been here 2 months so have a achieved alot and all 310 plants in!! So far have added Rock Roses/Day Lilies/Teddy Bear Conifers/Grasses/Red Hot Pokers/Geums/and potentillas to bank plus Azaleas for height. All very happy.

Best Free Garden Design App

Posted: 28/06/2017 at 14:56

OUCH!!! I'm not mean as intimmated, just not good with technology and I do not want to spend out on something that I do not understand. Quite happy to pay if it fits the bill. I have half an acre of lawn and gravel, so a joyful blank canvas. I have started with structural planting, but need ideas to infill vast tracts of green and gravel, playing with shapes -light and shade. I just felt an App would help. Better House and Gardens do a nice one, but I was looking for alternatives.

Border along our long drive; What to do?

Posted: 27/06/2017 at 17:20

We have a long drive too, flanked by a mowed bank on one side and a flat lawn area running along the hedge. I have turned the latter into a fruit bed with a row of raspberries then red and then blackcurrants which has worked well and can be mown on either side. The bank I have started to put shrubs and grasses along the top strimming the grass in between so maintaining the lawned look. I have put cowslips and rock roses plus some smaller ornamental grasses on the slope itself and will intersperse with bulbs in the Autumn -In theory this all sounds great, I just hope I can maintain the parklike look which I love!. - I have left the brambles in the hedge so that we can taste the blackberries and see if they are sweet enough to keep semi cultivated or whip them out to make more room for the sloes and hazels that are there already.

Best Free Garden Design App

Posted: 27/06/2017 at 17:08

What about Paid For ones?

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 27/06/2017 at 17:02

Just to finish the Month -Here is the Lunar Calender 27th-30th June

27/28/29th June - No gardening recommended prior to 12.20pm on 27th Moon descending in Leo so Fruit Days. Prune and shape espalier apples/pears and grapes. Take tips off tomatoes once they have reached 5 trusses to encourage fruiting. Take tops out of aubergines/cucumbers and chillies to accelerate fruiting.

30th June Root Day Moon descending in Virgo. Plant out leeks sown 17-18th May. Thin out carrots sown 13-14th June and Winter Radish sown 21-23rd June.

Keeping a watchful eye on broccoli as cabbage whites fluttering around hopefully! Broad Beans setting pods now and third Raised Bed up and running with second batch of peas and 1 pumpkin, which I am advised will try and take over.! Tomatoes doing very well on Terrace. Have decided not to put greenhouse up until I have been here a little longer, as still cannot work out prevailing winds. Don't need it yet anyway so may well leave it until next year in its box.

How are you all getting on?

O/H has informed me that lawn too big and has given me Carte Blanche to infill with shrubs borders and other joys!!! Hurray! Only one hiccup. Neutral clay soil, hot and dry -Any ideas for Winter colour and Autumn bulb planting? Turned out daffodils from pots once they had died back so have about 60 of these to put in thank goodness from last garden. Thought I might naturalise them in waves so chopping corners off lawn and creating a pathway. Would you add any other bulbs to blend in?

Happy Gardening

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Best Free Garden Design App

Posted: 27/06/2017 at 16:28

Have looked at a few Apps on the Internet but none really appeal -Any ideas?

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