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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 15/03/2017 at 13:44

Great info all round thank you. -French Builders shook their heads in disbelief at my request! - Still they didn't say 'no' and coming round for a 'calva'* on Friday *Calvados. (They don't do Builders Tea here -Beer and Calva the accepted ritual drink when negotiating important matters like scaffolding planks!!!)

Anyway -Lots more plants that I had forgotten about moving now sprouting, so outside with the fork and trowel again this afternoon -O/H going mad 'How many trailer trips will this be?' Was this morning's exasperated question 'Lots!' I replied. Pushkin stuck up poplar tree wailing -highest he has climbed O/H fetching ladder. Must go!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 13:58

Now that's interesting Liriodendron -what crops did you grow and how did you lay them out? Interesting Bean Rail Fixings here (Side poles screwed to frames either at the back or in the centre) _ Which tree seeds did you buy GWRS. Hope you have a good walk. Did any of you see the Moon last night -absolutely stunning but slightly orange which denotes frost -and 'yes' we had a hard frost this am. Very high tide today - usually dsignates change in weather again -And I thought Summer was coming!! Shall now go across the road and ask builders if I can have their scaffolding planks when they've finished as they are building a new house -They can only say 'no'!! -Brilliant idea Thank You.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 13/03/2017 at 10:15

Hi Everyone

Garden Centres here selling  1.20m x1.20 x 20-30cmshigh beds which is crazy as tiny!!!

Plant Fair turned out to be a Tree Fair which was brilliant because I got lots of tips on moving my larger shrubs at this time of year. Not as difficult as I had thought, so leaping into the graden this afternoon as bright and sunny and warm!! 18c here this w/e -Im sure it won't last so must make the most of it. I am going to try 5 - 2m x 1m beds and O/H is being sent off to do a reccy of the sawmill locally as been tipped off that you can buy offcuts cheap.. Also thinking of filling the beds diagonally with herbs and bee plants in the corners. trouble is most of the books that I have looked at make everything pretty pretty, which is fine but we want to munch our way through everything all the time!! Tried diagonally before and it really works plus looks good.

Video sound really good Gardengirl, will follow with interest.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 09/03/2017 at 16:07

Great to hear from you both. Off to first Garden Fair of the Season this w/e. Did you see James Martin (chef) on 'Adventures in France' going round Monet's Garden? Looked really nice.

Planning Raised Bed designs for new garden - What size are your Obelixx? 1.20 x1.20 x 20cms available in Garden Centres now just seem too small to me. Want to instruct other half to get building! What length/width and height did you go for. New article in Garden Mag about Lunar Gardening in association with Compass Points today. Will precis it here when I have got my head around what on earth they are talking about next week on my return!

Have a good w/e and Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 01/03/2017 at 16:52

Hi Everyone

Glad to see the back of February with high winds and rain. March promises a quieter month with warm Springlike weather predicted 6th-14th. Unfortunately much colder again from 15th-19th with more rain or perhaps snow forecast 16/17th. Cold and dry from 20th but high winds coming in again towards the 29th. The month however will end up warming up again which is good news.

March is a great month for pruning hedges as the sap is not quite rising in earnest, try to do this on a descending Moon Day, anytime between the 7-20th of this month. Good tip re. Onions and shallots -To avoid bolting plant out sets or prick out seedlings on Root Days during a descending Moon eg. 13-15th March.

Here is the Lunar Calender 1st-16th March 2017

1/2nd March - Moon rising in Pisces so Leaf Days. Sow lettuce/rocket and dandelion in Nursery Beds lightly fleeced or under cloches.

3rd March - Fruit Day No gardening before 12.40am as Moon perigee (nearest to Earth) after this sow cucumbers and melons in heated greenhouse or on windowsill above radiator. (Don't let them dry out but just 'mist' them.

4/5/6th March - Moon in Taurus. Root Days. Sow celeriac under heat keeping seeds damp but remembering to lift and drain off plastic lids if they have condense. In Nursery Bed outside sow Autumn Leeks.

7/8th March - Moon in Gemini the Air sign so Flower Days Prune roses down to ground level (French method)  that flower all season.Prick out cauliflowers in  frames and pelargoniums into pots sown the end of January.

9th March - Leaf Day Plant asparagus and potted evergreen shrubs/trees.

10/11/12th March - Fruit Days -Full Moon on the 12th and no gardeing on the 11th as Noeud, which when running into Full Moon usually means very unsettled weather and magnetic forces al over the place so new plantings weak and weedy plus prone to disease and fungal infections. Finish pruning Bush Fruit and grapevines. Prick out aubergines/peppers and chillies sown 24-27th January Earth up peas sown 4th February. and net them to stop birds from pecking the young growth.

13/14/15/ and am 16th March - All Root Days - Moon descending in Virgo so get those onions and shallots pricked out or new sets in as per above tip to avoid bolting. Plant early potatoes/jerusalem artichokes and horseradish. Thin out carrots sown 24/25th Feb.

So there we are -up and running into another month. Great to have lighter evenings already. Starting to move plants gradually to new home next week. Luckily only a few miles away so can do 2 trips a day. Nothing can go in the ground as yet so moving everything in pots.Garden Fairs start beginning of April -I am already making a Shopping List and that's before I've done a soil test which is a bit daft!

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 28/02/2017 at 11:47

Hi - Great news, moving beginning April. New garden laid down to massive lawn with gravel areas, so new challenges ahead. That lawn won't stay! Well maybe some of it will, but I do fancy popping herbs and lavender beds in non used gravel areas - Has anyone done this -Any tips?? - Pushkin and Bengal will love it as deep hedges to hunt in and a stream bordering the field next door -A touch of fishing with paws perhaps? - Anyway the Gardening Books are spread all over the lounge floor and O/H is tutting and emitting deep sighs already -He has been sent out to find materials to make Raised Beds for the new Potager this morning! - GWRS great idea re Blackberries - I have taken cuttings from some wild ones which were particularly tasty, as for potting up, keep finding new joys sprouting in existing garden to move on so with clock ticking and one eye on the Lunar Calender to make sure that I lift/transfer/take cuttings etc on the correct day, v.v. busy. Glad your chest cold is better -my cough won't go -Need some decent weather. Talking of which -watch out for Weather and Lunar Calender for March tomorrow. Re moling -Bengal catches anything but dog better at moling. Push hasn't met one yet.

Happy Gardening from a Happy Biofreak!!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 17/02/2017 at 15:11

Hi everyone

Isn't it great to grow our own veg and salads -No shortages! Japanese onions coming on really well and picked a few young beetroot tops to add to salads yesterday. Did meet snow in UK end last week as Moon predicted -Not sure where the next lovely warm spell fits in in my previous notes!!! - But I shall make the most of it as not working this w/e. Pushkin minus one toe but back to usual tricks which include hunting hedgehogs in old brushwood that I piled up on top of dead shrub. Has caught 2 mice in greenhouse since operation and learning how to 'vole' from Boots the Bengal who has decided that it is quite fun to have a youngster to train up.

Here is Lunar Calender 19th -28th Feb

19/20th Feb - Moon descending in Scorpio so Leaf Days - If weather mildm trim evergreen hedges and tidy up topiary. Prick out lettuces sown 1-3rd Feb keepuing them warm and under cover. Start protecting tender crops from slugs and snails who are waking up now.

21/22/23rd Feb - Moon in Sagittarius so Fruit Days - Sow tomatoes in heated greenhouse (18-20C) Repeat sowings of aubergines/peppers and chillies.

24/25th Feb - Sow Carrots and Radish under frames mixing them together, so you end up pulling radishes first thus leaving room for carrots to grow on.

26/27th Feb - Eclipse of the Moon in descending noued so no gardening on 26th. - Flower Days -In a sunny nursery bed outside sow Cauliflowers and Romanesco about 10cms deep. Indoors under heat sow Buzy Lizzies and Petunias.

28th Feb - Leaf Day -Sow Spring Spinach in shallow rows (about 2cms deep) This crop will be ideal to pick young for Spring Salads.

and that's it -another month flies away. - It's no good -despite planning a move, I just have to sow something, and move crop on in pots!!! This Gardening Bug is just TOO strong!!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 06/02/2017 at 11:06

Much better today -but Pushkin at the Vet - Tore claw off foot yesterday trying to get the Cooked Marmelade Oranges out of the cold pan that was seated on a teatowel on worktop. Caught claw in teatowel and everything tumbled down -One very sorry kitten today! Picking him up later after op.

Snow supposed to come when we are in UK end of week - although storms only noted on Bio Calender.

Upset about hunters in back fields yesterday, hope my 2 Roe Deer and their babies were Ok. Will take a walk later. Also lots of Oaks being felled at the moment -I hate that even though it is for wood. Daft thing is that the field behind is now marshier than ever after they took out 2 hedges and 6 oaks last year -No trees to take up excess water -Cannot see logic of it. Seems to be new husbandry and farmers get massive grants to enlarge fields here at the moment. Whilst on the subject we have lots of salad crops and strawberries in the shops from Spain, including courgettes and aubergines galore. Think Europe is keeping its goods to itself. Our prices have not gone up either. Hum!

Want to lift snowdrops, and other bulbs that I missed  in the Autumn -Can I lift daffs in the green and pop them in pots?

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 03/02/2017 at 15:37

Hi Everyone

Came back from Rennes with a flu bug - hence silence -sorry! Anyway this weather is hardly inspiring is it? Wind/rain/wind/sun for 10 mins/rain -Yuk!! February is supposed to be nice after the 9th but cold nights. Windy with severe storms forecast for the 8th. From 17th there is a possibility of rain and snow until 22/23rd then variable from 25th -Altogether a standard February I think!!! Not my favourite month.Seed potatoes are now in the shops - Don't think I shall bother at the moment.

Here is the Lunar Calender 2 Feb-17th

2/3/Feb - Moon ascending in Pisces - Leaf Days Sow early lettuce and cabbages.

4th Feb - Fruit Day - If mild or in greenhouse sow broad beans, round peas and mangetouts.

5/6/7th Feb - Root Days - Moon in Taurus, avoid gardening on 6th until after 9am as Moon perigee (Moon at nearest point to Earth)Sow onions for harvest July to September.

8th Feb - Moon descending in Gemini so Flower Day - Prick out Cauliflowers sown 2-3 january under heat in individual pots to create good root growth. Divide snowdrops. Take cuttings fuschias/pelargoniums and chrysanthemums. Plant anemones and renunculus.

9/10th Feb - Leaf Days - If it's not frosty plant bare root shrubs for hedging .

11/12th Feb - Full Moon on 11th and Eclipse of the Moon so avoid gardening that day. Fruit Days - Prune bush Fruit if you have not already done so and there is no frost. Take cuttings from all Currants.

13/14/15/16th Feb - Moon descending in Virgo so Root Days - In unmanured plots plant shallots and garlic.

17/18th Feb - Flower Days - Plant bare root roses and uncover fleece from protected artichokes if no frost and divide them if necessary, re fleece to protect young growth.

So there we are February sees the start of the New Seasons sowing and planting.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 26/01/2017 at 16:50

Thanks for cheerful thoughts -Feel better today! Bright and sunny but cold cold cold! As you know I am trying out French weather saying that weather will be the same each ongoing month if you monitor from 23rd December to 6th january - Well I've made a good start 24th Jan same as 23rd Dec and 25th Jan same as 24th dec.  Today the same as 25th Dec.Interesting!

Just had invite this afternoon to Garden Fair in Picardy in April. Unfortunately same w/e as Brittany but can let you have details if you are planning a Spring Break.

Happy Gardening!

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