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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 26/01/2017 at 16:50

Thanks for cheerful thoughts -Feel better today! Bright and sunny but cold cold cold! As you know I am trying out French weather saying that weather will be the same each ongoing month if you monitor from 23rd December to 6th january - Well I've made a good start 24th Jan same as 23rd Dec and 25th Jan same as 24th dec.  Today the same as 25th Dec.Interesting!

Just had invite this afternoon to Garden Fair in Picardy in April. Unfortunately same w/e as Brittany but can let you have details if you are planning a Spring Break.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 15:02

Hi Everyone,

Despite hard frosts and sunny days here, it is difficult to decide what if anything to get on with in the garden. I've just pottered around with a mug of tea or coffee noting the Spring bulbs that are coming up where I'm sure that they weren't before, and enjoying the gaining strength of the sun, making the birds sing and even a bumble bee come out of hiding this morning. With our date for moving (albeit 3mths time) looming, I have taken down the fruitcage and shall be dismantling the greenhouse. The new buyer is not a gardener, and I have visions of everything being flattened and our lovely half acre of garden that we created ourselves from just a lawn, orchard and chicken run going to 'pot' -Still the sun has made me more cheerful -even though we still have not found somewhere to move to (We lost the Bio smallholding when we lost our original English buyer who was a keen gardener but pulled out because of Brexit)  - I had already potted up 67 favourite plants last Autumn, and have now ear marked a few others now I know that they may not be appreciated - Trouble is where do you stop?!! -If I could I would move the lot, but the challenge of a new garden is inspiring, so I must leave mental space for new additions. How did you manage Obelixx? (Me confused!)

Still wading through new Lunar articles hitting the press fast now that the growing season will soon be upon us.Will write another piece for guidance shortly.

Here is the Lunar Calender 22-31st January

22/23/24th Jan - Moon descending Leaf Days - I was going to say if it isn't frosty, but I think we've all got that! -Prick out lettuces sown 4-7th January, fleecing well and surround with straw to protect against slugs.Cut hazel for weaving.

25/26th Jan - Fruit Days -Moon rising in Sagittarius. At no less than 20C sow aubergines, chillies and peppers. Cover and if using plastic lids, lift and dry each day to avoid condensation.

27/28th Jan - New Moon in Capricorn so Root Days - In a sheltered position and preferably under cover sow leeks to harvest June/July.

29/30/31st Jan - Moon rising in Aquarius so Flower Days changing to Leaf Day after 4pm on 31st. No gardening after 5.15pm on 29th as Moon ascending and crossing path of Earth around the Sun (noeud) thus causing potential unsettled weather. In a heated greenhouse (20-22C) Sow begonias/pelargoniums/carnations. at 15-18C sow cauliflowers, thin all these once they have sprouted and prick out at the beginning of March.

I'm holding back on sowing this year and shall buy in 'Bio' Plants when I go to Flower Fairs at the beginning of April, -Primarily because I do not know the soil type that I may be dealing with when we move, and also everything will be so much more advanced and easier to plant where I want it without stressing out seedlings.

One slightly disheartened Biofreak! Happy Gardening.

How did you all handle moving gardens??

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 11/01/2017 at 09:59

Hi -Have not had January's Issue yet -Will read with interest. Many more articles in French Gardening Press now. Two new Gardening Fairs to go to if you want a Spring Break:- 8/9th April 'Fete des Jardin' Chateau de Pommorio 22410 Treveneuc near Saint Breuc in Brittany ( Barnhaven Primroses exhibit here -I remember someone asked me how to contact them on a Thread some time ago. and 22/23rd April 'Saveurs et Jardins' Chateau de Neuville -Gambais in Yvelines near Paris. I am looking forward to exhibiting at these. -Love new Fairs -Trouble is I want to buy everything -O/H gets cross!! Will just have to sell lots more cakes! Full Moon 11.45am today -Watch out for major shift in weather -Today is good for taking cuttings and pruning. - Just in passing -Can I try to root the Holly which is still fresh from decorating the house? -Does anyone know?

pet companions

Posted: 10/01/2017 at 15:52

Beautiful Rescue Greyhound at the market this morning. - Very gentle yet still timid. Alot of the Greyhounds in Normandy have been rescued from Spain, and in general they settle well as long as it is on a one to one basis. Have any of you given a home to this breed ? We already have an Italien Greyhound (One size down from a whippet) - We bought him direct from breeder 10yrs ago and he has grown up with the cats successfully. I would dearly love to take on a 'rescue' greyhound or whippet but have been told that cats could be a great problem as obviously these dogs were originally used for coursing. Any thoughts?

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 10/01/2017 at 15:42

Thank you so much for this recipe - Will definately try it.

Miserable sleety/windy and very dark day - Dog did not want to go to work this morning, let alone me!

Was going to spread some compost this afternoon -think I'll go on studying Moon Books instead!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 07/01/2017 at 16:17

GWRS -How doyou make your Horseradish Sauce? Just made Dauphinois with Sweet Potato topped with Goat Cheese for tonight-Same recipe as Artichokes (Thanks Obelixx) -really tasty with lamb steaks marinated in rosemary honey. Back to work this morning after nice week break. First Farmers Market and I am soaked through -No way am I going out in the garden this afternoon!

Here is the Lunar Calender 7-18th January 2017 (I have tried to make this year's Calender more informative hoping not to blind anyone with Science gardening is a hobby after all!)

7/8th January - Moon rising in Capricorn -Fruit Days - Sow Broad Beans outside and turnips under cover

9/10th January - Moon rising in Taurus -Root Days - Sow Spring onions but avoid gardening before 11am on 10th as Moon 'perigee' 356,500Kms from Earth being at its nearest point and appearing larger and closer in the sky. It has a stronger effect on plant life classified as 'negative'.

11/12th January - (Full Moon on 12th at 11.34am) - Flower Days -Moon on cusp of descending -Plant bare rooted flowering shrubs making sure that you dunk the roots in mud bath of soil and manure to give them the best start. (I make up a paste of clay and muck in a bucket -brings back memories of 'mud pies'!)

13th January - Moon descending in Leo crossed with Virgo - Leaf Day. Prepare Asparagus Beds.

14/15/16th January - Fruit Days - on 15th no gardening recommended due to a Lunar Noeud -This is when the Moon crosses the Earth's orbit around the Sun, so effectively the two paths collide. Bad weather and earthquakes or volcanic eruptions are more prevalent at these times. Earth up Broad Beans and Peas. Brush off moss and lichen from paths and trees.

17/18/19th January - Root Days - Moon descending in Virgo and Libra. In milder areas plant garlic and shallots.

Will continue with further notes shortly!

Have a good weekend and Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 07/01/2017 at 15:43

Hi Everyone

For the sake of those new to this Thread, I felt that we should re-cap on the benefits/reasons and simple recognition of aspects of the Moon, Constellations and Planetary forces exercised on the Earth, in order to understand a little better why we, the Weather and our Gardening Calender can be so strongly affected by the Cosmos. I have gathered this information from Biodynamic Conferences that I attended last year. Lectures at Garden Fairs & The Ministry of Agriculture in Paris. I should also like to thank sources taken from Maria Thun. Michel Gross & Jean Marais. Rudolph Steiner. The Soil Assocation and information freely available via Nasa.I should also like to thank the French Gardening Associations who regularly hold meetings covering this subject. Their Members have given me many hours of  pleasure.

The Moon exercises a force on the Earth that is obviously seen through tidal forces ('high' and 'low' tide), having primary action on water. Due to the fact that all living things are made up largely of water, it follows that the Moon should affect these bodies and structures too. Scientists have recently found out that even the subterranean waters under the Earth's crust can rise by up to 50cms during key periods, thus effecting the Plates, and causing major shifts of land, by way of earthquakes and volcanic action. Whilst our modern way of life sometimes does not allow us to be aware of subtle changes in mood, health and well being, those of us working 'close to Nature' can spot changes in our livestock, pets, woodland, pasture and gardens. It seems obvious to me that when one talks of 'Working with Nature' one should be working with the forces that to a large extent control Nature.

Cycle of the Moon

A simple way to follow the cycle of the Moon around the Earth is to draw a clock:-

At 12.00Hrs - The Moon can be seen in its 1st Quarter

At 2.00Hrs  - 1st Crescent

At 3.00Hrs -  New Moon (Invisible to us as it is situated between the Earth and the Sun)

At 4.00Hrs -  Last Crescent

At 6.00Hrs -  Last Quarter

At 8.00Hrs -  3/4 Moon

At 9.00Hrs -  Full Moon

At 10.00Hrs - 3/4 Moon

When the Moon is between the New Moon and the Full Moon - It is designated as 'Croissante' and drawing a straight line down the centre in the 1st Quarter then one can observe the letter 'P' - Plant vitality is improved. Cut flowers stay fresher for longer. Seedlings have a better resistance to illness, and crops harvested at this time keep better in storage. Preperations - 'Purins' are also ideally made at this time to ensure better quality

When the Moon is between the Full Moon and the New Moon -It is designated as 'Decroissante' and a straight line drawn down  the centre in tne Last Quarter one can observe the letter 'D' - Plant vitality is poorer but colour,smell and taste is more pronounced. This is the best time to preserve fruit, make jam, dry flowers and herbs and Preperations such as Decoctions against insects and fungal disease are more effective.

As a starter I hope these notes are clear. Please do not hesitate to comment or ask questions. This Thread  is designed for everybody to contribute. We need more input from Biodynamic gardeners this year, and please Gardeners World cover the subject sometime in the TV Series or Magazine.

Happy Gardening!.

pet companions

Posted: 06/01/2017 at 15:13

Hi Plant Pauper -That's my point.

Any working breed should be channelled -They are not pets, and not happy as pets. Sorry if this upsets some. My Mum bred alsatians and bullmastiffs in the 50's and specialised in obedience training. She won Champion Obedience at Crufts with an alsatian and Best in Show with a bullmastiff , and always maintained that if you have a working breed you must work it.

pet companions

Posted: 06/01/2017 at 12:56


Labradors and in particular retrievers are renowned for their furniture destroying ability. My mum used to have boarding kennels and she always used to dread these breeds unless they were working dogs, because they always tried to tear everything apart up until the age of 3 -After that they were always easy to deal with. You just have to 'work' these dogs. Their brains have to be kept occupied, which is why they make excellent guide dogs and obviously used on 'shoots' they are invaluable.

Collies are the same. We had 2 border collies whom we taught to round up and pick out our horses in the fields, bringing them back to the stables for us. Once again they had to be channelled - When they were about 11mths old -  we had an emergency call from our village dairy 'Could you please come and collect your collies -They have rounded up the milkmen and won't let them out of the cold room!' -

Bengal cats are the same -They have to be walked and walked and walked!!! Off to take Boots the Bengal out now with the dog.

pet companions

Posted: 06/01/2017 at 11:23

Need to know how to upload photos from Picasso to this site -then of course you can see my beautiful home bred bengal. Can someone tell me how to do this? At the moment I am taking down Xmas decorations with help of new abandoned kitten Pushkin -He has torn all the holly berries off, and is now playing rugger with a candle!

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