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pet companions

Posted: 06/01/2017 at 11:23

Need to know how to upload photos from Picasso to this site -then of course you can see my beautiful home bred bengal. Can someone tell me how to do this? At the moment I am taking down Xmas decorations with help of new abandoned kitten Pushkin -He has torn all the holly berries off, and is now playing rugger with a candle!

pet companions

Posted: 04/01/2017 at 15:33

I have 3 cats (1 ginger/1 bengal and 1 mixture with spots and stripes) 1 Italien Greyhound and 1 husband. All obedient except for husband who does not know the difference between flowers and weeds. His job is to ONLY mow the lawn!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 04/01/2017 at 15:28

Writing Book in French with O/H doing photos. Have orders pending already, which is frightening as all on scraps of paper at the moment! Remember working in a pub in dim distant past, owner's wife used to work for Vogue Magazine making up the recipes for photoshoots -Used mashed potato for Ice Cream. Yes artichokes can cause embarrassment to friends! -and I always forget! How long did you bake Dauphinoise? - I tried it once but artichokes stayed crunchy (Should I have pre-boiled them?) BBC Good Food and Saturday Kitchen are my lifelines in times of stress!

Cleaned greenhouse staging and threw old soil in pots on garden. Temp 10C in greenhouse. Lovely and sunny and mild today for January. Nearly finished reading up additional info in Lunar Diaries. Will write tomorrow plus do 1st Lunar Guide 6-18th January. Bear with me!

Happy Gardening.

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Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 10:36

Perhaps we should start another Thread for foodies!! ie What are your best recipes with your own produce! On second thoughts I don't eat my own snails, although I know how to prepare them!

Jerusalem Artichoke soup is dead easy - saute 2  slices onions in butter, then add 8 thinly sliced artichokes and 1 medium potato (to thicken) add chicken stock to cover and boil gently until tender. Add lots and lots of pepper and salt to taste, add about 200ml cold whole milk ( NOT CREAM IT WILL SPLIT) then blend.reheat then serve decorating with chives or parsley. - really good and I made it up!!

I am working hard writing notes from my new Bio books - Will give you update and Calender shortly. Have started noting weather as per previous thread, Bright and frosty today. Wet and horrible yesterday but did take dog round back meadow and saw 4 Roe deer which looked splendid in the mist.

Waiting for new Maria Thun Bio Diary to arrive - think it has got held up in your pre Xmas postal strikes. Still French Lunar Diaries excellent this year - bear with me I am nearly ready to put pen to paper again.

Happy Gardening!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 30/12/2016 at 15:14

Did you get to see The Northern Lights? Gather that they are stunning, watched Joanna Lumley Documentary on this -really impressive.

Pushkin watched video 'Paddington Bear' last night, now into hiding behind doors and jumping out at us as high as possible, arms and mouth wide open, claws sharpened and ready for Bear Wrestling! -Oh dear. He caught mouse in the 'snug' last night, drove him outside with it -He charged round the corner and returned with it through cat flap - Taking him down to the greenhouse to stand over mysterious new hole in Japanese Onion Bed (A vole I think).

Off to dig up some Jerusalem Artichokes for warming Winter Soup as simple meal tonight before tomorrow's Oysters/Escargots & Lobster Feast -With bubbles of course! -Just the 2 of us with French Cabaret on TV -Always a great night.

Happy New Year!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 29/12/2016 at 10:00

Hi Gardengirl great to hear from you - Yes we had loads of snow when I was little, just loved it. Delighted when we were holed up here 6yrs ago for a week - Very upset when men in tractors turned up to clear the roads on day 3! -Husband desperate to get out to make sure that there was still civilizisation! Love watching cats and dogs meeting snow for the first time -they always seem to aim for the deepest part first! The bemused look with frosted wkiskers is a joy to behold. Super day today with hard frost -Spring bulbs coming up here too. Starter Motor bust on van en route home (thank goodness in main town close to our local Garage) -so enforced break from work - Really chuffed, can settle down and read these Lunar Calenders and Bio Books at my leisure! Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 27/12/2016 at 16:04

Hi everyone

Here's hoping that you had a lovely Christmas Weekend, and a white one in Scotland -How lucky you are despite the wind and cold I saw featured on UK weather -I would love a white Xmas again. Seems the best we can do here in Normandy is the odd sparkly frost. We get really good snow every 5-7yrs when we are really hemmed in and I love every moment of it -they say that you like the weather according to the month that you were born. Being a December baby -perhaps that is the reason I love Winter regardless of the weather. O/H born in June prefers early Summer. Does this work for you?

Anyway, Lunar Calenders and Bio Books opened on Xmas Day and gosh there's alot to read based on new scientific findings. Certainly enough to take us well into next year. The general weather indications for 2017 show a North wind bearing down on us regularly throughout the year, a warm Spring, a hot Summer and a wet and variable Autumn. A particularly good month will be May with heavy storms predicted for July and a hot August. January will see temperatures higher than the norm but wet and foggy. Snow is forecast between 9-13th and a colder windier end to the month, seems to be the prediction from all sources.

Something new to me has been suggested in the Newsletter of our local French Bio-Dynamic Group:- There is an old French saying that you can judge the weather for the year ahead from the weather between Christmas Day & Twelfth Night. What you have to do is choose a specific time of day - say 11am every day and note the weather (Not the temperature) between 24th December &  6th January. In theory the weather in January will correspond to 24 -25th December, the weather in February will correspond to 25th-26th December. The weather in March will correspond to 26-27th December. The weather in April will correspond to the 27-28th December and so on and so on for the 12 months.

I think that I might give this a try -certainly never heard of it before -Have you?

The Lunar Calender up until 1st January with the Moon ascending is clearly aimed at people with heated greenhouses - If the temperature is no less than 10 degrees sow radish and carrots, and if mild outside continue planting onions, shallots and garlic in frames. My Japanese Onions have slowed down a little but are nice and sturdy. I have re-labelled the potted goodies as ink had faded despite being 'permanent'!

So there we are -the end of another Lunar Calender Year. With 54,000 views on this Thread to date -I would love to continue  - Shall we?? - There must be more of you out there interesting in commenting -Be brave, we can all learn from each other -That is what the Forum is for - and it's a great hobby!

Anyway -Happy New Year everyone and all the best for 2017 in and out of the Garden.

(Oh the Vegan Cake met with great success - Just a little Italian number I rustled up!!)

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 21/12/2016 at 11:53

Have a great break - Looking forward to days off Christmas Day & New Years Day. Just been asked to bake a cake for a Vegan who's birthday is Xmas Day so must hit the oven again.

Walked round garden yesterday, lots of lovely leafmould forming, plus found a Chinese radish ready to pull for tasty lobster sushi salad Xmas Eve. Off to hunt down holly and mistletoe in the hedgerows this afternoon, then picking up PP from vet -Neutered today -What a Xmas present!

Happy Gardening.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 19/12/2016 at 15:23

Hi Everyone

Just returned from last Christmas Gastronomic Fair . Exhibited next to Ostrich Farmer and bought a beautiful Fillet to roast on New Year's Day. We pick up the goose from the farm on Thursday and although we are working Xmas Eve and New Years Eve the time in between is now organised for wining and dining, - as we only eat a main meal in the evenings I can hopefully spend some of Christmas Day in the garden, as have had no time at all to even poke head inside greenhouse in the last few days. Fed up with making whisky and brandy marmelades and mincemeat and pies for Markets -Time to draw breath!!

So what do the next few days bring? It's supposed to get colder again and quite windy between 20th-28th, so I must tie down the greenhouse roof again! Rain or snow predicted the further north you go, seems to be panning out that way according to TV weather as well, although there is a big beast waiting in Corsica to march upwards towards us, thankfully with warmer air.

Here is the Lunar Calender 18th-27th December, will finish the month then so I can wish everyone a Happy New Year and hopefully a Bio Weather Guide for January.

18/19/20th December - Moon descending in Leo so Fruit Days - Plant all bare rooted fruit trees. Cut back hazels so that they sprout new growth in the Spring for weaving next autumn. Take time out on 19th as no gardening advised due to Moon crossing with Uranus bringing wind change and damper, misty spells. Tidy up fallen branches and work out new climbing frames and fruit cages for next season. On 20th thin out fruiting hedges for wild life, to encourage thicker growth, and infill major gaps with new specimans.

21/22/23rd December - Root Days. Now is a good time to cover new potential veg plots with cardboard held down with bricks to cut light out from weeds, worms will spend the Winter working their way through the cardboard turning it into the soil and ttherefore encouraging slow composting underneath ready for light digging in the Spring. Check over stored roots and harvest those outside as needed making sure to replace fleece firmly afterwards. In milder areas in light and well drained soil pop in some more garlic outside together with shallots for harvesting next June.

24/25th December - Moon descending in Libra -Flower Days. Plant flowering shrubs and pick Hellebores for bouquets on New Year's Eve, these last well even in central heated houses, although I prefer to buy new stock in pots and then pop them outside in January Plant a Climbing Rose near an old apple or pear tree so that it can scramble through the branches., creating a great effect next Season. No gardening recommended before 1pm - That's good as it's Xmas Day and we can have a lie in!

26/27th December - Leaf Days with Moon in Virgo. Plant some ferns around newly planted trees. Weather willing plant out some lettuce and spring cabbage under cover (Certainly not sure I will do this in mid winter -but might be worth a go if this mild spell continiues)

No idea what January has to offer as Bio Diaries and other Lunar Books wrapped up for Xmas -So all to be revealed!

Happy Gardening and have a wonderful Christmas Weekend. Speak soon!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 08:54

Thanks for the recipes -Tried them all!! Just recovered in time for ANOTHER trip to UK! -This time to give Mother an early Xmas as she is in a Home and does not know her dates now and life is very sad  - We are working right through Xmas week and there will be no ferry crossings. But hey -how about December weather?

Bio dynamic predictions give us a mild month with periods of rain until the 20th although the conjunction between Uranus and Pisces gives us a chance of cold winds and snow between 8th and 12th. Xmas would appear to be warm and sunny although much colder weather predicted again 27/28th

Here is Lunar Calender 4 -11th December when I shall be back to do another fortnight.

4/5th December Root Days. Because most work has stopped in Potagers take stock of existing seeds in hand and buy in seeds for early planting to avoid 'out of stock' items.

6/7th December Moon ascending -Flower Days - Leave seed heads for birds but avoid gardening on the 6th, check bird boxes and insect houses for damage (Starlings are devouring the rest of our apples -usually a sign of cold spells to come) Sow Rock Roses/Poppies and other late spring flowers, these are in need of a cold spell to germinate.

8/9/10th December - Leaf Days. Grow indoor salads like cress, chick peas, soy and rocket for quick tasty salads from the kitchen windowsill. This is a good time to use up the last of Summer Salad seeds and to then buy fresh stock.

11th December - Fruit Day Moon in Taurus - Sow more Broad Beans.

12/13/14th December - Root Days Take a gamble with fine weather and under cover sow radishes thinly for a quick crop in a month.

Sorry to be brief -Ferry to catch!!!  Happy Gardening!

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