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Posted: 04/10/2014 at 16:51

I have decided to move my strawberries and replace them by moving the gooseberries away from where they had sawfly this year, and planting them in the ex-strawberry bed. How do I stop sawfly coming back - will they move with the bushes. Should I treat them now or wait until the spring? All ideas welcome.

Figs in Pots & Mulberries

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 16:48

I have just bought my first Pot grown Fig Tree and want to plant it in a giant pot on a South facing wall. It is covered in fruit which I gather that I do not touch. A superb open bush at the moment and I have no idea what mix of soil I should put in new container. I believe it thrives in poor sandy soil - Do I add compost or John Innes or nothing?? It's a super speciman 'Rouge de Bordeaux' and I want to give it the best start. Also I would like to buy a Mulberry Tree - Are they worth it, or do they take years to fruit? I remember the fruit as a child and it is a secret ambition to grow my own.

Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 16:39

Hope you haven't got a Tom Cat - He will eat every scrap and p--- on the roots effectively killing the poor plant! I find my catnip self seeds very well, especially of you do not cut it back in Winter.Boots the Bengal loves leaves rubbed on his fur, keeps him happy for hours washing!! - Whereas Gingerman thinks it is revolting stuff and won't go near.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 16:31

Slight hiccup in Calender as I have been in hospital this week, so herewith Calender for 5-15th October. Sorry all.

5/6th October - Flower days though no gardening before 3.40pm on 6th as moon averse to earth.Sow climbing perrenial sweetpeas.

7//9th October -Leaf days No gardening on the 8th otherwise Sow Winter spinach outside but protect under a tunnel once weather cools. Sow mustard/rye or other green cereal on empty ground to dig in in Spring as humus.

10th October - Fruit Day In mild regions sow Broad Beans. A catch crop can be had before the frosts hit.

11/12/13th October - Root Days Sow radishes under cover. Mild October's give one the chance to 'catch crop' salads still.

14/15th October - Flower Days Plant bi-annuals and perrenials sown on 15th July.

Plant out Spring Bulbs. Protect artichokes, cut back lower leaves and earth up by 25cms. Pack straw or bracken around them in cold weather.

How are you all getting on? My tomatoes have been really good, but have still failed dismally with peas and salad crops this year , except NOW the lettuces have decided to wake up and start filling out - A bit late!!

Greenhouse in Winter

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 16:16

Having cleared out the toms and cucumbers I now have an empty greenhouse and am ready for all ideas to fill it full of edible goodies for the winter months. It is an unheated polytunnel, and I would prefer to grow things in containers as voles galore in the veg patch this year. Both cats useless!!

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 17/09/2014 at 10:53

Sorry for silence - Computer out of order 5 days! here is Calender 16 - 26th Sept.

16th Sept Root Days as per 14/15th Sow Carrots and keep well watered. Sow leeks by scattering seed as opposed to lines, then thin - no need to replant this way.

17/18th Sept - Flower Days Plant Spring Bulbs and associate them with bi-annuals sown 17/18 June and 15th July. Prick out pansies & violas sown 11/12 august.

19/20 Sept Leaf Days Take cuttings of evergreen shrubs. Prick out Cabbage sown 12/15 august

21/22/23 Sept -Fruit Days Plant out new strawberries or runners from old stock 30cms apart and spacing rows 40cms to allow for healthy growth start with no fighting! Plant out pot grown fruit. Place a slate or brick under members of the pumpkin family to encourage ripening and stop damp rot.

24/25/26th Sept - Root Days again Start planting out onions sown 9/10th August. Choose a well exposed position with plent of light, shorten leafs and root nearer the bulb to encourage swifter new growth. Do not water. No gardening after 1.40pm on 25th.

My Winter Spinach is now sprouting plus Rocket. Tomatoes have nearly finished. Now have to get to grips with green manuring which I have never done. Anyone else tried this for covering bare earth in Winter?

Happy Gardening.


Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 30/08/2014 at 16:02

Looks as though next best date for taking cuttings is 8th September, although 1st September mentioned for warmer regions (As we are supposed to be having a warmer spell now - go for it on these dates as they are flower days - I have just popped a few in pots in the greenhouse, although the coldframe was just as good last year)

Lunar Calender 1st Sept-10th Sept

1st Sept Flower Day - As above take cuttings in warmer regions to guarantee chance of them taking before first frosts and shorter days.

2/3rd September Leaf Days - Blanche Celery and scaroles

4/5th September -Fruit Days - Harvest Beans for drying - Put them in the freezer for several days then thaw and store - This kills any grubs that might have entered the seed where it will continue to munch dried seeds stored in jars if left untouched. (Never heard of this!) Gather apples and pears, raspberries and strawberries.

6/7th September - Root Days In mild regions sow red / yellow & spring onions in nursery bed.

8th September - Flower Day but no gardening before 9,35am. Take perrenial cuttings and sow annuals for early flowering next year.

9/10/11th September - Leaf Days prepare and sow lawn seed in bare patches as required. Sow green manures/lambs lettuce and spinach.

Just in passing - I too have had lousy leaf crops this year - Don't think it is to do with the moon though, as many of my friends who take no notice of the lunar calender have had the same problem - Just think this year has been weird - Such a warm/April May and wet at the wrong times. Still that doesn't prevent me being disappointed and somewhat defeated! Trying some late peas on the staging in the greenhouse (away from voles) They are really doing well - Just hope they crop before the Autumn (Kelvedon Wonder do best for me) Toms ripening now and cucumbers grown for first time really good. Lettuse trying (very trying!) Flowers fantastic - Thrilled with sowing of these and will do them again next year. Broccoli covered in Environmesh doing well and foiling cabbage whites at present. Broccoli seedling romping away in greenhouse - will pot them on to stay in cold frame this Winter. May try lettuce in greenhouse - not sure.

Happy Gardening


Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 21/08/2014 at 17:51

Lunar Calender 21st -31st August

21/22 August Flower Days. Take cuttings from roses and prick out perrenials sown 15th July.

23rd August Leaf Day Trim evergreen hedges.24th August same as 23rd but no gardening before 12.10am as moon at furtherst point from earth so ineffective

25/26th August Fruit Days After final harvest prune peaches and apricots. Plant new strawberries and keep moist to establish roots.

27/28/30 August Root Days (No gardening on 29th after 9.10am) Lift the last Potatoes and onions. Thin Winter radishes sown 17-20th August.

31st August Plant potted perenials. Plant and divide tree peonies but don't bury the roots too deep.

Happy gardening

Sawfly -Gooseberries

Posted: 12/08/2014 at 15:11

I lost all leaves and fruit this year despite spraying - Has anyone any bright ideas??

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 10/08/2014 at 11:36

Well, there we are - Woke up to pouring rain and strong winds. No way could I do the Farmer's Market this morning. Just rescued Sunflowers that were being bashed by gale. Used a pair of old tights to secure them to fence. Cats all in bed which usually means bad weather! So glad I have a polytunnel, Poplar branches all over the ground, if I'd had a glass house it would have suffered. Last crop Beans not sprouted so given up on that outdoors before Autumn. Peas and beetroot ok, but not as good as last year. Flowers continue to delight - First time I have sown them according to Lunar Calender and I am converted - Dahlias/Cosmos/Mesembrianthemum/Osteospernum all from seed are huge and flowering well, better than previous bought in plants. Parsley self seeding this year - never done that before, will let babies grow on and cover with cloche as usual to ensure winter bunches for cauliflower in white sauce. Broccoli thriving under Environmesh - No caterpiller invasion yet although slugs persist. Have now got a baby hedgehog in the garden so he helps - No idea where he has come from. Sun coming out so may go and have another inspection as want to gather blackberries for pie tonight - Just beginning to ripen. Outdoor cucumbers just plumping up - Look like gherkins at the moment - hope they get bigger!

Happy Gardening

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