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Update on technical issues

Posted: 25/11/2013 at 17:17

Just got some notifications - quite old ones but maybe it means the 'postman's' well again. 

Positive thoughts and silly things for the tough times

Posted: 25/11/2013 at 17:12

I like the idea of KEF's 'pot of plenty' (09:09 today).

It reminds me of some ancient wisdom (Chinese, I think) passed to me years ago by a friend who had spent some time abroad:

If you have only 2Yen left in the world, with one buy bread, with the other a flower *

¥ for Yen read Euros!!

* or was it 'flour'?

Update on technical issues

Posted: 24/11/2013 at 10:50

star gaze lily: Hm!  Back to Daniel again, I guess... 

Jet Washers

Posted: 23/11/2013 at 22:27

KT53 Is right about the risk of washing out the joints.

If the joints have filled up with weeds, though, which is also quite common, sand is going to be lost anyway getting the weeds out by any means.

Silver sand can be replaced if lost from the joints but, admittedly, this is best done in dry weather because it needs to be swept over and into the joints.

If it is just moss, grime and slime on the surface that you need to get rid of I think this is where the 'T-Racer' comes in because it performs broad stroke scrubbing rather than a focused jet stream.(see Clarington above)

Update on technical issues

Posted: 23/11/2013 at 22:15

star gaze lily: there seem to be 3 ways of accessing your private message menus:

  1. click or tap on a members Avatar and then on Message
  2. click or tap on a members name and then on Message Me
  3. click or tap on Settings...
  • and then on My Messages
  • and then choose Compose Message to write one
  • or Sent Messages to read what you have already sent or any replies received

I confess that No1 above doesn't work for me at the moment but the others do - just wondered whether you have tried all 3 methods? 

Jet Washers

Posted: 23/11/2013 at 09:27

GillyL wrote (see)

We also have a Karcher,very pleased with it,a word of caution though,OH tried to clean green moss off of old garden bench,it took it off,but also removed the varnish !


There are two similar attachments for the Kärcher (both extend the 'gun' bit into a sort of 'rifle') that should not be mixed up:

One of them delivers a very focused jet that will strip paint, varnish etc.

Don't use it to wash your car!

The other spreads the jet more, but is still very powerful and wrongly used could still do damage, but if used at the correct distance will remove dirt, moss etc without taking off the varnish or paint underneath. It is safest used at a glancing angle to sort of 'cut under' the grime rather than hit it full on.

i would imagine butterflybrain that drives and pathways are strong enough to withstand the strong focused jet - varnished wood and car paint are definitely not! 

Hope that helps. 

Begonias begonias

Posted: 22/11/2013 at 20:09

Thanks so much Matty. I'll get out to my containers next opportunity now I know what's needed. 

Begonias begonias

Posted: 22/11/2013 at 17:45

I'm new this year to growing begonias (from tiny plugs) so I may have left this too late. .

Here's a photo of one of them which I dug up after my begonias succumbed to the frost to see if a corm had formed. (That is a corm, isn't it?)

 The top growth has clearly started to rot after standing out in the rain, frost and then rain again. I have 80 -100 of these in tubs doing the same. 

My questions are:

  1. Is it too late to save them for next year? The corm (in this one) looks healthy and feels firm so I thought it must have stored quite a lot of food during its season. 
  2. Should they all be dug up now and brought inside to dry off? 
  3. Or should they be brought inside still in their containers to dry before lifting?

I put two containers in the greenhouse before the frost and the plants in those are 'dying down gracefully' - some still have blooms. I'm wondering how best save all the others outside whose foliage has (only just) started to rot. 

Update on technical issues

Posted: 21/11/2013 at 22:46

Yes SGLily - I also get that same irritating problem when using smileys on this forum.

Daniel - is this something your team could fix please? 

Jet Washers

Posted: 21/11/2013 at 11:19

Mine is a Kärcher - they have an excellent range and sometimes are on offer.

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