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What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Today at 08:25

Catherine, that hollyhock is amazing, sure to grow to be a winner 

 OL, ah, agapantha, it was the way the plants had that frill of leaves and so many blooms (thought it wasn't an aster, lol)

Berkley, thank you  for that info. Mine are 

only a year old, no flowers, and can see that they will have to go into one pot to get such a good show of flowers as yours.



What wonderful stars we have 

Get if off your chest.

Posted: Today at 08:01




Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Today at 07:53

Good morning everyone, browsing the gallery and see how beautifully our gardens have filled out. Lovely photographs

Found some  flowers of mine which are quietly growing, almost unnoticed


Garden Gallery 2014

Posted: Today at 06:49

Beaus Mum, the green insect is a dragonfly, emerald green, at least six inches long. It was zooming over the pond and around the garden. Finally it rested on the pond edge and amazingly honed in on the sweet potato at my feet! 

  The gatekeeper butterfly on the Leucanthemum was a delight to see, rested there for an age.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:12

Hi flumpy 1, I'll share my limited knowledge about growing  tomatoes:  not sure about brushing them but when they start to flower use tomato feed weekly.  your plants must be quite big now, any photos?


Posted: Yesterday at 18:50

 that was quick for insurance assessors, I'm very pleased for you Marion.

Your plants look stunning! The golden yellows, reds, pinks gainst the greens,  softer blues and grasses, what a beautiful sight to greet the eyes in your front garden  so much to look at

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 18:38

Berkley, the plants in the pots are such a lovely colour.  I wont even hazard a guess at the name but I can see them in my garden. Are they hardy, half hardy ?? 

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: Yesterday at 18:31

Look forward go that, guernsey donkey, a garden full of stars in one plant  beautiful. I know many on here who will be a little green (wont post the billious smiley) with envy, I know I am.

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:24

Coming up, chilled drinks all round 

BeausMum, I think the plant spilling out of the blue and white vase is almost etheral. Would it be night scented stock by any chance? 

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:51

Beaus Mum,  a beautiful selection of plants and 'chic'.  

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