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Posted: 28/03/2013 at 19:43


Jeans sometimes with thermals underneath boots generally, wellys when i'm going in the muddy bits. Usually a hat or a hoody top to keep my head warm in the cold and not burnt in the heat. layers are good sometimes waterproof trousers and jacket (ex nato) good for wind and rain, gloves mainly for thorny jobs only.   


Posted: 28/03/2013 at 19:33

Firefox is a web browser and a good one too, with a lot of extensions some of which are actually useful. I think adblock+ is the most useful for most people.

The web part of the internet is always evolving and as it evolves browsers are rewritten to take advantage of it. As web browsers are complex there are always problems that are discovered and fixed. Firefox is updated regularly.

It's a good browser but there are others Google's Chrome browser for example has speech input built in. As browsers are built to support open standards which one you use is pretty much personal preference.

Firefox is my personal favourite and is easy to avoid getting loaded up with toolbars which sometimes give you a view of a webpage similar to looking through a letterbox.  

What Is Going On With Site??

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 14:40

I understand what your saying sotongeoff. However isn't it better to know that it's possible to make a simple change and you don't have to suffer needlessly. The Internet is designed to be accessable by everybody, in fact it can be a matter of law.

To know you can make a change is useful information in its self. I think most people have someone they know who can do little jobs like adjust the text size, if only they know to ask.

Daniel is probably not authorised to make public statements on behalf of Immediate Media Company Ltd. People get fired for speaking out of line.

Anyway the site will be fixed when it can be fixed and nobody actually knows when that will be. If it was one of my sites i'd be in exactly the same position unless i was a developer for the CMS i'd be stuck with no answer to when it would be fixed.

Learning is a life long pursuit, i'll stop learning when i'm dead.

What Is Going On With Site??

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 13:19

Try the view menu, select zoom in and left click the menu item zoom in, repeat it again and again untill the text is a comfortable size. It works similar with left ctrl + you need to hold the ctrl key and tap on the + key until the text is big enough one press is never enough to make a noticeable difference



Posted: 28/03/2013 at 13:12

 My new max min thermometer in the greenhouse about 33 degrees C.

 The Hot Water Bottle Experiment. The Black bowl with the thermometer in it is at about 20 C after an hour in the greenhouse the air temperature is around 33 C with the sunshine. Outside is around 8 degrees. To the left is my first milk bottle heater rather than paint it black I cut some plastic from an old compost bag and sellotaped it to the milk carton. When it became a little cloudy air temperature dropped to about 16C with the water in the bowl a couple of degrees warmer. It looks promising will have to see how well it performs overnight. I think i will need a good few to help the whole area but in combination with fleece i think i will have some additional frost protection.

What Is Going On With Site??

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 12:50

Hi Bjay there are a couple or 3 ways to increase the text size left ctrl key and the + key pressed at the same time. In Firefox there is the zoom options in the view menu, you can select to zoom in or out and select zoom text only. Every web browser will have a view menu. Some browsers will have menu's turned off by default thou.

A third option is stylish an extension for firefox which can tweak many websites  including this one.

It looks like an upgrade to the cms (content management system) has broken a few things. The CMS is a complicated beast at the best of times and the developers will be working on fixing the problems. Unfortunately the publishers (one of many users of the CMS)  will be waiting for the fixes to be released there will be many sites all over the world with the same issues.

So the problem area's will need to be identified, code written and tested released to the world, then the publishers of Gardeners World will want to load the new version on to a test server test it themselves and finally upgrade from this version to the new one.

Unfortunately downgrading to the previous version is not really an option there will be changes between the databases used and other parts of the system. So the only option would be to start fresh or restore from a backup losing everything that has been added since the current revision was installed. It's likely there are security issues with the previous version too which will be part of the reason for the upgrade in the first place.

In the end all we can do is sit tight and wait, hopefully the work around will help with the text and we will have to make do with how things are working now. Better to have the site now as is than lose it for a month or however long it takes for a new version to be written , tested, released and hopefully tested again.


Posted: 28/03/2013 at 07:47

normally a milk carton makes a great firelighter but soon fires will not be so necessary I have one to be going on with and probably another once i've had my morning coffee.



Posted: 28/03/2013 at 07:42

I have viola's marigolds tomato's and lettuce in mine, they are growing slowly but surely.  I would suggest you try some and see how they do, split them between the greenhouse and the house so if you lose some you won't lose them all.

I just found a handy tip to paint milk cartons black and fill with water then they will help store some of the days heat and release it at night. You could use a thermometer to measure the maximium / minimum temperatures in your green house if its keeping above freezing it should be livable for your plants.  


Posted: 28/03/2013 at 07:30

Heres some interesting idea's from the ehow website.

  • Paint a few plastic milk jugs using black spray paint. In the morning, fill them to the top with water, and set them all around your vegetable plants. During the day, the water in the jugs will collect the sun's heat, and that heat will help keep your vegetable plants warm throughout the night. Since water loses heat slower than soil, your plants will stay warm long after the soil is cold. The more jugs you fill, the more heat you'll trap during the day and the better protected your plants will be during the night.

  • 2

    Just before the sun sets, use a hose or watering can to water the soil all around your vegetable plants. This will help keep the air around your plants warmer as the night gets colder because the soil will release some of the moisture from the warm ground into the air. Be sure to water your vegetable plants liberally for this method to work properly.

  • 3

    Cover your vegetable plants with a lightweight material before it gets dark. For a smaller vegetable garden, you can cover your plants directly with a sheet or newspaper. However, for a larger garden, you'll want to create a type of tent. The easiest way to create a tent is to place four wooden stakes in the ground around your garden. Then, cover the stakes with a large plastic tarp or bed sheet. Covering your plants will help keep the heat accumulated during the day from being released at night.

    I am going to try the milk carton idea in my greenhouse. I'm not so sure about painting them black maybe a marker pen or even boot polish or insulating tape might work, I will do a trial and see how much difference the colour makes. There is plenty of heat in the sunlight.


frost free plug plants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 07:12

Yes I think so, the soil temperature may be slightly higher, freezing is the real problem, with the sun out my greenhouse rapidly heats up to t-shirt weather even with it being cold outside. We are already at 13 hours of daylight so as the nights shorten the plants will be at less than optimal temperatures for a shorter time.

I'm not a biology expert but isn't it photosynthesis that drives a plant to grow? so logically it hasn't much to do at night anyway so as long as its warm in the day when its most active they should do fine.


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