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Posted: 21/03/2013 at 14:21

I am in love with my heated propagator I made it's getting fast results after 24 hours I found most of my lettuce and a good proportion of my tomato's have germinated the extra heat is working wonders. It's great to go to bed at night and see new seedlings pop up the next morning. it's keeping the soil at about 20 degrees C. My PVC greenhouse is quite good but it doesnt provide the heat needed to get seeds going quickly its becoming a case of propagator and then transfer to the greenhouse and hopefully plant out when the weather improves. So bored today not a lot to do I've even skipped taking the fleece off as its a low 8 degrees in the greenhouse.

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Posted: 21/03/2013 at 12:40

Sotongeoff said

"As someone who posts frequently -perhaps too frequently-can I just send a message to old and new alike- there do not need to be gangs or cliques -if you start or contribute to a thread you do not own it-you don't set the rules- and all are free to post-it is not a competition"

but then he said

"But this is getting ridiculous now-do we really need 3 threads saying good morning-so many on weather-any new poster coming on here is going to be baffled and confused-this is supposed to be a gardening forum-and it is rapidly moving way from that"

Sorry but can you not see that you are arguing with yourself? The two positions you have stated are clearly contradicting each other. I completely agree with you on the first and disagree with the second. It is not "ridiculious", just part of the consequences of your first point.  "if you start or contribute to a thread you do not own it-you don't set the rules- and all are free to post-it".

Lets just shake hands and forget about this spat. I've said enough and this is my last post on this subject.



Ride on mower suitable for large garden

Posted: 21/03/2013 at 12:05

The Generic Deck sounds like a good idea, even better if it can be aluminium, Steel decks are always going to be prone to corrosion as stone chips the coating which is covered in wet grass. Glad you found a reasonable option and you get many more years of service out of it.

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Posted: 21/03/2013 at 11:53

It honestly doesn't matter how many threads there are, they will start and finish as people lose interest thats just the way forums work. It's also not necessary to read every thread from beginning to end.

 The best threads for information are going to be short and sweet. Others will be more social in nature. Gardening tends to be a solitary past time. You work on your piece of land creating the environment you want. we all have our own vision. This forum brings together many people with a common interest and diverse other interests and specialties. Think of it as your local pub, you wouldn't expect or want everybody in the bar being involved in every conversation.

  This forum is bigger than your local pub with probably 100's if not 1000's of members and it is growing with members from all over the world contributing and learning. It is impossible to participate in a conversation with a 1000 contributors. Imagine a time where 1,000 people a day posted to the fork handles thread. Could anyone read all of them? So it's natural for other threads to bud and grow independently.

When brumbull started his GoodMorning Forkers thread it was in the early hours of the morning like brumbull i am also an early riser these days and living alone it was nice to chat and say hello and there are a few of us up and about early in the morning. I don't know about you but I haven't spoken  a word face to face to anybody since yesterday morning, I don't mind but I have chatted with many friends all over the world.

The thread started off well and harmlessly enough until there was an outcry from sotongeoff bbbb but you can't use that term forkers that belongs to our thread fork handles, (originating from the late great Ronnie Barker, I doubt he would have a problem with that).  Then there was talk of danger of cliques being formed, well that only happens when grumpy old men sit together. like the local bowling club or the golf club. 

 I get the feeling that Sotongeoff likes a bit of order in his life and comfort from his daily routine and finds it disturbing when that balance is upset.

Well maybe we should act like the adults we are and not small children. Nobody was elected supreme leader or gets to dictate what any of us choose to post and where we choose to post it. We can however choose to ignore particular posters if they irritate us too much. 

I'm sorry to have to be so harsh but just like in nature seeds are planted and they grow and multiply. There are going to be many threads which not everybody will be personally involved with. If you choose you can select New Discussions rather than Latest posts or bookmark threads so you can come back to the ones that interest you (Ctrl D) but please stop with the trying to control and limit what members can and can not post. That is deeply unpleasant.

The Forum will probably get more Garden related posts once the weather starts becoming more conducive to gardening (still raining and blowing a gail outside).   Untill then lets all try to play nicely together and not sulk for too long, and stop playing silly forkers and forge friendships through our common interests. 

I hope everyone feels they are a valued contributor to this forum and will be for many years to come.



Posted: 21/03/2013 at 09:02

It is really hard to run a garden centre and make a living. People have little interest except between the months of march and maybe september. Once you get to the end of june sales have peaked. Supermarkets have the advantage that they can buy in plants for a couple of weeks and knock them out. You can't do that for tree's and shrubs. 

To be successful as an independant garden centre you have to be more than just a shop that sells plants. Especially when supermarkets are after taking away the bread and butter away from the gardencentres.

Near christmas for example the Poinsettia is a popular plant which used to help sustain gardencentres through the winter months. The supermarkets own that plant now they sell at or below the cost price for a gardencentre.

If you want to have an interesting and diverse garden then you need to support your local gardencentres or they won't be there when it comes to buying an interesting plant for your garden.



Posted: 21/03/2013 at 08:04

Looks like the rest of the week is forecast to be wet and after monday more frosts

maybe i should just keep my greenhouse as my garden ....

WEATHER this week

Posted: 21/03/2013 at 07:45

Good morning Brumbull a little warmer here technically but blowing a gale. Global warming is quite real but its creating worse weather for us. We get our climate from the gulf stream and the north atlantic oscillation. These seem to be changing the warmth coming up from the tropics doesn't seem to be as reliable as it was cold air is coming much further south than it used to.  We might have to get used to extremes like in Poland in winter you can be in -18 or lower. I got a frozen mustache going round an outdoor market in a Polish winter but in the summer it can be 30 degrees +.

I don't know how much of the changes in climate are down to mankind although the ozone layer has been damaged by CFC's gases now banned in aerosols and modern fridges. Oxygen is normally O2 but Ozone is a less stable O3 cfc's broke down the ozone molecules and removed part of the radiation shielding that naturally exists in the upper atmosphere.  Worst of all they seem to have been a catalyst not getting used up as they did their damage. I think we will have to adapt to the changes in the weather patterns and hope they don't get too much worse.


Posted: 21/03/2013 at 07:10

It looks like last night was frost free for me, but its blowing a gale this morning.

Hollyhock my greenhouse is 2x a dreamhouse from an american company they actually sell for $300 each but i got the pair for €140 in a stock liquidation.

They are a combination of a spring steel frame (a bit like a giant pop up laundry hamper) and fibreglass poles which form arches across the front back and middle and a centre ridge pole. The doors have and windows have an inner fly screen and there are zips on the front and rear to add sections to it. there are even little velcro flaps so you can run a hose through. I have a spray hose which i can run round so watering can be as simple as turning on a tap for 20 minutes or so. 

The weak points are wind they need tying down well i have kerbstones all round it weighting it down. and the metal brackets that make the angle between the walls and roof they can get bent and once bent they are pretty useless. They also run into problems if too much snow sits on the roof (not been a problem for me).

Anyway this morning will start with real coffee and then fleece off ... not sure what I can do gardening wise maybe a few more seed trays

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Posted: 20/03/2013 at 16:33

Shouldn't be a problem Brian just go to settings and click on edit by the avatar. The only problem I found was that the file selector asks for *.JPG and  mine was *.jpg so i had to change the case of the pictures extension (the .jpg). It wasn't particularly quick and I had to wait a few minutes before the picture was fully transfered to this website once i could see the preview i had to crop and then save.  If you still have problems type the error message and i'm sure it can be sorted out.



Posted: 20/03/2013 at 14:55

Do Asda water thier plants?  Most Supermarkets don't they just torture plants. The Compost prices seem dear  Aldi do a multipurpose 40 litre for €1.49 in ireland  typically 75 litre bags are about €8 a bag or around €6 on a multibag deal 56 litre are usually around €6 The Smaller bags cost more below that size due to VAT being added, larger bags are 0 rated.

  Not saying supermarkets are not good on price for somethings but a good garden centre will have better quality plants and can be competitive and knowledgable.

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