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I am searching for THE name of à plant in my garden

Posted: 17/07/2013 at 11:46

depends if your using a smart phone no but if its a laptop kind of thing you have the 14th icon from the left (in the reply box)  is a picture of a tree. click on that a small dialogue box opens and you can upload an image in the first page.  The second page is for linking an image uploaded somewhere else e.g facebook or picassa.

If your on a mobile you can upload a picture somewhere and give us the url (the address/ location of the image ) and then someone can link to it.



Posted: 17/07/2013 at 11:26

Busy-Lizzie the kitchen spam comes from one of the most notorious rogue traders (according to bbc watch dog) they supply badly fitting kitchens with parts missing and have no intention of rectifying any problems. The spam is part of seo tactics to raise their profile in search results in order to con more people into buying of them.


Bob it shouldnt be too difficult its electric power steering which is on the steering column.  However one web page suggests ensuring children are out of ear shot as removing the thing requires use of various words they shouldn't hear. refitting is just a matter of reusing these same words. Also a specialist tool a BFH maybe needed to separate the track rod ends. There seems to be 2 schools of thought regarding removal the hard version requires undoing the gear linkage loostening off the engine mounting bolts and tilting the engine forward.  The other says you just need to undo 4 bolts the track rod ends and a pinch bolt at the base of the steering column. will see how it goes.

Never got on with doctors receptionists they always ask whats wrong with you and i normally reply i don't know i'm not a dr.

Remember when I was in hospital after a heart attack a priest was doing his rounds he came up to me and said Religion? Not yet I replied.



Posted: 17/07/2013 at 09:08

Think your right bob better to get an early start before the heat kicks in.

Just finished watering my plants, seems to be better to water early rather than doing the rounds in the evening.

Going to be busy later got a steering rack to replace in my car, unfortunately its not just a track rod end which is pretty easy. So will see how we get on. The manual says consult a dealer as if 

if i'm not back later its because i'm having to walk back from the mechanics...


Sick roses

Posted: 15/07/2013 at 10:39

Just looked at that fake url address in the first post

I found this post which explains things.

"This appears to be webkit's way of pasting local images into rich editors. For example, open an image from your computer in OS X's Preview application. Select all, copy, and paste into the rich editor in XF (using Safari or some other webkit browser).

Clearly this is user fail. You obviously cannot paste a local image into a forum post without uploading it as an attachment, or uploading it to some other online location. Webkit just has a strange way of handling this which allows the user to submit the post thinking that it will work. The fix is to educate your users."

Bit brutally phrased but you cannot paste images directly into a post and have it show upon the net. Webkit seems to have an odd way of doing things, its very confusing.

When you think about it anything accessable on the internet has to be publically accessable and most peoples computers are not accessable from the internet, the NSA might disagree but not publically...   

There is no standardised universal method for uploading images to the web so each website will be different. 


Posted: 15/07/2013 at 09:06

followed by the insert button and the image becomes part of your post.

easy isnt it any questions i will try to explain better. Or someone else can who is better at explaining


Posted: 15/07/2013 at 09:01

with picasa its really easy. But maybe I should explain this url thing 

for example this page has the url of

http:// is the type of connection its normally http or https 

the s in https stands for secure and is encripted which means as the page gets passed from computer to computer it can't be read by one of the computers in the middle ordinary pages are not encrypted but https you would use when transfering things like credit card details. is the public address of the website a DNS server (Dynamic Name Server) translates that to a network address to find the computer with the webpage. the rest is like the folder system used on your computer you can think of it like

C:\forum\talkback\photos\ actually more like C:\www\forum\talkback\photos\ 

finally 87112.html

is this actual webpage which is a plain text file but written in a specific format. within the html file are more urls usually at least one css style sheet (which tells your browser what font size to use where to put pictures ect)

Pictures are not part of the html of the page but separate files for example my avatar is at

if you click on the above link you will see just my avatar image no page links no text just the image.

because gardenersworld is such a big site it has to divide the load between several servers(computers) s3 is one particular computer s3 = server3  and as you can see its got the same sort of directory structure as the server which holds the html page.

just like your own computer you probably have c:\usersandsettings\jean\mydocuments\photos\apicture.jpg

why do this with pictures? well simply it is more efficient the gardeners world website stores just one copy of my avatar and reuses it everywhere its needed. twice on this page for example if my picture was actually part of the web page (87112.html) your browser would be having to load more data and the page would be slower.    This way your browser fetches the image once and displays it twice (on this page).  Not only that but your webbrowser can scale the image so it could be 300 x300 at one part of the page but also 150x150 at another.

the url is pretty much identical to an address like

12 high street



united kingdom

for the postal service. they work the address backwardsso to send a postcard from spain.

first put it on a plane to the uk, then send it to lincolnshire and on to the lincoln sorting office and then give it to the postman who has the high st on his route. who puts it in the letter box of number 12. computers go a little further and might include the mantlepiece in the livingroom as the exact place for that postcard to go to. 

Hopefully this makes a bit more sense to you now. A url is an address which gives the location of something like a picture or a text file or a video or a soundfile ...

so to find the address of a picture on a webpage a right click on the picture brings up a little menu  with a few options usually there are at least view image, copy image,  copy image location (which is the url or address of the image which is what you need) so select copy image location and the address is copied to the clipboard now go to the tree icon and click that



Posted: 14/07/2013 at 19:11

it might be easier to link photos picasa web albums and facebook both can be used to link from amongst others (but not flikr). To get the url rightclick on the photo and select copy image location and paste it as the url in the gw picture loader 2nd tab.

thats what i do most of the time because uploading directly can be quite hit and miss with my connection.


Posted: 14/07/2013 at 17:19

Was out watering this morning while it was cloudy

thought i'd share a few pics too.

 I think i've done all right as 5 months ago there was nothing here


Posted: 13/07/2013 at 08:23

Was up nice and early to do some watering, nice and cool outside and blasted with heat inside. Guess my cottage is acting like a storage heater now.

friend said back in the winter its actually better to keep heating on and its less to run that way since your maintaining a temperature rather than heating as such. hmm still not convinced on that one.

More plants in need of identification!

Posted: 13/07/2013 at 07:16

yey i got the red robin i'm terrible at identifying plants

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