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hedge recovery

Posted: 21/04/2015 at 20:22

It looks like Lonicera nitida to me, so it should come back quite quickly.

How long does bark mulch smell of pine trees

Posted: 21/04/2015 at 17:31

The play area bark smells stronger than the bog standard bark and there is little difference apart from the additional price of it saying child on it. The smell, which to me is more chemical than pine tree, goes quite quickly, but very strong for a few days.

Bird of paradise seeds

Posted: 21/04/2015 at 14:09

They are South African in origin. The larger white flowered varieties are used as ornamentals in warm parts of Portugal, Spain etc and get very large and tall. The smaller orange flowered one is more widely grown in the UK, inside, as they cannot stand our cold wet winters and anything but a very brief light frost.

No cold treatment is required!

GW T&M Free Lavender offer.

Posted: 21/04/2015 at 12:24

I agree with andythescientist. The 'free' ones I got  few years ago were micro-sized and went straight into the GH. Most survived winter and planted out and most a good size now, all flowered last summer. They cost £4.90 then, so lets hope the extra £1.10 means bigger plants!

Bird of paradise seeds

Posted: 21/04/2015 at 11:35

I put mine in damp soil and put it on top of the hot water cupboard and got 100% germination within a week, so warm damp soil is the way to go. No light needed. Easy seeds.

Acer Problems

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 22:03

The first Acer is probably lack of water and should recover. I said probably as it could be wind damage. Also recoverable.

The second Acer is winter dieback, normal after winter - too dry/wind damage again.

Lawn Feed

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 22:00

Next door is away from holiday and the Green Thumb people put a weed n feed down: it is not doing anything as it has been some time since it rained, just lots of little coloured balls in the lawn. Can you use a watering can to water the lawn?? It is water that dissolves the feed and helps the formulae to work.

Advice on lawn problem

Posted: 20/04/2015 at 21:57

I sue Sulphate of Iron to kill moss and to feed the lawn. It is cheaper than other weed n feed and works within hours and kills all the moss. So I would and do:

1. Mow the grass

2. Treat it with sulphate of iron then water

3. will get lots of brown dead moss

4. re-seed and rake in.

5. Water again

Eucalyptus tree uk

Posted: 19/04/2015 at 20:15

It has been a dry winter and dry again I suggest watering. The leaves tend to look like that after high winds (another feature of this summer) and they tend to fall off at this time of year as new growth assumes, so nothing to worry about apart from watering.

PS, yours have grown very fast for Scotland. Mine takes 10 years to get that tall. I

Woodchip mulching

Posted: 18/04/2015 at 12:06

The only real difference between fresh and older woodship is colour. Fresh stays bright white/yellow for almost a year or more then goes grey like the older bits.

IF fresh woodship reduces Nitrogen then the solution is to add more with a liquid feed: and it is not going to use it up, it will release it again when it decomposes, so win-win.

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