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Egg Shells

Posted: 25/02/2014 at 15:37

I think you are totally wasting your time with Egg shells. As soon as the shells, however ground up they are, get wet then Slugs just glide over it. Tried, been there and never again.

You are better to try small grit and sand as I have found Slugs do not like going over that...unless the plant gets with reach and they use that to climb over to the plant.

In summer I go out at night to pick up slugs - put salt in the water in a bucket and the slugs die quickly. I avoid using blue pellets but sometimes it is the only thing to cull the population.

Planting Lupin seeds

Posted: 25/02/2014 at 14:19

@Dreamsofspring - you can germinate them now, as long as the GH does not fall below 0C they will be fine.

Trees too close to the house

Posted: 25/02/2014 at 11:50

That is Magnolia grandifolia. I would not plant that next to a house but would keep it in a large pot next to a south facing wall.

shady colonade

Posted: 25/02/2014 at 10:25

There is a different Ivy that I suggest, Fatshedera. It is a cross of Fatsia japonica and Ivy (Hedera). It comes in both green and variegated and is a shade lover. It will need help climbing though.

Raising soil level

Posted: 24/02/2014 at 22:57

Adding compost is not going to help drainage. Fine gravel and perlite will. Just adding soil may actually make things worse as it may mask what is happening under the new soil level.

To answer your question you can add a few inches of soil to established perennials.


Posted: 23/02/2014 at 23:48

Companies have to make money, so some profit has to be expected to be fair. If you think of some seed as the start of your own collection (this years seedlings providing next years seeds) then the value for money is fine. You need to make your own judgement.

Prepare to seed a lawn

Posted: 23/02/2014 at 23:06

With deep enough top soil the size of pebble mentioned should be fine to leave in situ and should help with drainage. I would suggest turf over seed as I find seed takes an age to grow thick and green looking. If you have kids/use the lawn area then 100% use turf, if lightly used then seed will work with time.

Pound Shop Lupins

Posted: 23/02/2014 at 23:02
Verdun wrote (see)

And the lupin aphid is especially damaging...and large.  A chemical or soap spray before the spikes form is effective though

Ah, forgot that they have a specific aphid and yes they are larger (makes a yuck face). I will try  to remember to spray them before the spike grows as hundreds of aphids are just not pleasant.

Pound Shop Lupins

Posted: 23/02/2014 at 21:46

Agree with the above - plant with the shoots at or near the surface. Lupins grow large and I find slugs not to eat them, if at all. Their biggest enemy are greenfly. You can literally run a glove over the stems and get hundreds of them.

Van Meuwen

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 11:27
anthony mcglen wrote (see)

ordered some hosta plants from bowdens on the 14 of feb  i did ring then to seen if they had any probs.was told they had made the desission as a company to delay all orders up to two months because of the flooding here in the uk

They are based in Devon, so they may have been flooded. We should try and support them in that case...Hostas tend not to come up until April onwards, so no loss to yourself I hope?

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