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blairs has reviewed 3 plants

Tetrapanax papyriferus Rice Paper Plant

Posted: 03 September 2013
Overall: The 'T-Rex' variety is the one to go for. It is reliably hardy in the UK and has huge leaves - easily 60cm each in the first year going to over 1 metre as it matures.

Agave americana Century plant

Posted: 15 May 2013
Overall: Temperature wise, Agave americana do fine in the UK. Rain wise, they do badly. So you need well draining soil (70-90% grit to compost). It is worth putting in a sheltered spot (under trees, greenhouse, carport) over winter, the key is to keep the soil dry. When large-at 30 years they are 8ft by 8ft-then they are hardy to keep outside over winter with well draining soil all around the Agave.

Musa sikkimensis Banana

Posted: 30 December 2012
Overall: You can germinate the seeds anytime, I prefer end Dec/Jan as germination can take months and when they do they are a decent size to plant out in late spring.

To germinate, soak in warm water for 48+ hours, changing the water every 6 hours as that removes germination inhibitors. Put the seeds in a zip lock bag with some damp sandy soil and place in a propagator/warm cupboard. Take out during day and place on sunny window sill. The temp differences and light will aid germination, which can take months. You should see germinated seeds within 1 month by this method.

Red Tiger is a good colorful variety of M. sikkimensis.