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french beans yellow leaves

Posted: Today at 09:45

Mine have done the same - gorgeous healthy young plants from seed in my greenhouse and they've gone yellow in the allotment. Same has happened to my runner beans. I am beginning to suspect the soil quality. Beans seem to like easily draining soil and also I have been adding some nitrogen and see if it helps - lack of nitrogen can cause the yellowing too.  Good luck with yours.



Is my cherry dying?

Posted: Today at 09:39

May I ask if you've been snipping away at your tree recently? Cheery trees are one of the few trees that you shouldn't prune until mid summer. They hate it and can cause bacterial probs. 

Advice needed - weeds!

Posted: 19/05/2015 at 23:02

Depends if you want to use weedkiller or not? Some folk don't mind using it, some do.
I personally would use weedkiller simply because of the grass and what looks like bindweed (that's a horror to get rid of.. sorry to be such a bringer of doom!). Going back to the grass, it could be one of those grasses that will regrow if you leave a small bit of root in the soil, like couch grass. Good news is that glyphosate works very well on that, but it will pretty much kill any other plant it gets onto, so got to be careful! The other handy thing about glyphosate is that you can replant in a week or two without worrying about your new plants when you put them back in.


Enjoy your new home and garden


Posted: 14/05/2015 at 20:54

The ants are most probably moving some aphids in your tree. You could try one of these:

I put one on my young cherry tree as it was covered with aphids and ants last year. So far so good!  At least it won't bother your pond.

Any tips to reduce the ant population?

Posted: 13/05/2015 at 00:07

Edd, I find that Obelixx isn't wrong. There's a bit of both - ant's have been known to carry young aphids to plants. Certainly true in my garden, I rarely had aphids but I had a lot of ants. My aphid problem has gone out of control in just a couple of years, and I do think it's because of help from the ants.



Novice Gardener - Weed Identification Please

Posted: 08/05/2015 at 22:54

Very very hard to get rid of. I have a lot of it on my allotment and glyphosate has yet to touch it and have applied it 3 times so far, and the first time I sprayed it last year I also covered it with weed fabric for the winter but it still survived.  I have read tho it can be killed using glyphosate eventually, it just takes a lot of applications.
I have also been recently digging it up, the roots are a nightmare, and the few pieces I have missed are already resprouting. I dug over my beds the other day (2 weeks on from really clearing it) and found a few bits regrowing deep under the soil. The bits I missed were small too.

i guess time, patience and determination will eventually mean you will win! Best of luck!

neighbours fence

Posted: 08/05/2015 at 22:47

If the wall is on his land and it's his wall, I guess not. Have you talked to him about it? seems strange that he wants to rebuild it - I wonder if it's damaged?

Runner beans -slug midnight feast!

Posted: 08/05/2015 at 18:34

Thanks Logan! I did think of nematodes, but thought that it may be a waste of time in such a large area (allotment), tho am quite tempted to use them in my garden. Those things are quite expensive too and not 100% reliable. Mind you, nothing seems to be reliable!

Runner beans -slug midnight feast!

Posted: 08/05/2015 at 09:33

Thankyou, top tips! Really good ideas, thankyou   I shall try the bottles when the next runners come up, and my other half who's a dab hand at building things has offered to do the battery wire for me - he sounded quite pleased actually! I am lucky to have someone in my life who loves making things!

Thanks again, I feel like I may just win this battle of the slimey horrors!!  Cheers too for the tip over checking the roots, never would've thought of that.

Runner beans -slug midnight feast!

Posted: 06/05/2015 at 23:54

Hello there!
Started an allotment late last year, which is great but I think may have it's own set of problems! I've grown runner beans in my garden, every year without a hiccup. I planted out some fairly healthy runners (that I grew in the greenhouse) at the allotment, but the whole lot have been eaten by slugs within a couple of days, leaving me with just a couple of stumps and the odd leaf on one or two. I won't swear here, but I certainly did today!

I'd scattered slug pellets, both organic (iron) and the blue nasties, but they did nothing to help protect my plants. Today I planted some more seeds into the ground and bought a bag of coarse sand and ran a ring of sand around the whole plot, a couple of inches wide and about an inch high to try and save any new ones and see what comes of the odd leafy stump I have left.

I guess am really up against it at an allotment? Any tips for allotment slugs please? I am beginning to think I stupidly planted them too near the compost bin, would it help to move them? But then the plot next door is unused and completely overgrown, so I guess that too is a great spot for slugs.  Slug pubs and pellets just don't seem to work for me, but just not sure what else I can do. Am worried about putting any more of my carefully grown other veggies out too, just to get munched. I've some ready to go in asap. Very disheartening!

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