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My new garden...suggestions appreciated.

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 09:32

The soil you can improve by adding Biodegradable mulches, like compost, manure etc. The fact that the leaves from the tree were left to rot is quite good You can add fertilisers too once your plants are established to help them out in sandy soil.

Cuprinol paint is quite good for covering fences, and it should cover your dark fences ok. Be careful it doesn't seep through to the other side tho and annoy any new neighbours! The alternative to that is to put up your own fence in front of your existing fence then you can paint without worries.

And thinking of little cottage style flowers, well, there's daffodils for the Spring, lily of the valley, Jacob's Ladder, forget me nots, tho these flowers can take over quite quickly so need to keep an eye on them! Anemones, cyclamen, Viola, pansies and Cowslip Primrose to name a few! You can also google some shrubs that like low-light and come up with some gorgeous flowers!

Good luck with the tree and I hope you enjoy your new garden!

White limestone discolour?

Posted: 23/04/2014 at 00:28

Thanks Artjak for the info

White limestone discolour?

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 13:44

Thankyou so very much for all of your replies, I really do appreciate it so much!

And yes, I think I will have to reconsider the colour of the stones, grins. Such a shame, but your experiences are what I needed to hear!!  My neighbour with her stones (was her old house) isn't a keen gardener and pretty lazy with it, so I wondered if no upkeep made hers worse. She buys a ton of plants every Spring and thoughout the summer and then never waters them, something I can't understand! I can't bear to see gorgeous plants keep snuffing it.

Top tips tho even with other coloured stones, keeping wellies and bags on borders. Thanks.

I would love the white marble stone pebbles, but they are double the price. I did wonder if they'd fare better, but sadly cannot afford them at the mo, not with having to do all the rest of the garden (new fences, lowering, lowering manhole, french drains etc!).  I do want some sort of lose stone/chippings rather than paving slabs tho as we've got to think of the damp problems. Sadly we are in a Victorian terrace and both gardens each side are also laid too high, so we will be taking on their water too when we lower ours in a few weeks and need it to go somewhere. I've been onto the council (each side of us are council properties) and they've agreed to sort out one side that is causing us kitchen damp, sometime in the future. Ooh, look a flying pink pig! Grins.

Anyway, thanks again, am off to rethink and look at other types/colours of stone! x

White limestone discolour?

Posted: 22/04/2014 at 12:16

If I may ask another question coz your knowledge is ace!!

I have a postage stamp sized garden with a few borders. It's north facing (argh!) and sadly a garden that has flood problems too due to previous owners building over damp proof. As we have to lower the entire garden, I wanted to put cream/buff limestone all over where the paving slabs are now, and just keep my boarders that I fill to the brim with flowers and veg. White being to help brighten up the area for all the plants and limestone chippings to let the water flow freely away.

My neighbour informed me that her white stones (do not know what type) discoloured really quick and went green. Anyone had any experience/regrets or advice over pale stones? I have my heart set on it, but obviously if a really bad idea I will rethink!

All right .... own up .... which ones of you do this?

Posted: 18/04/2014 at 15:39

Yes, more over the fence onto a garden path that runs along the back.. found a pesky one that was causing damage in my greenhouse this week! My father in law is terrible, he made himself a catapult especially for the snails in his garden (he has thousands) and flings em away with that. They go miles....


Posted: 15/04/2014 at 12:38


Hat's off to you! Thanks, if you're happy, that makes me happy! Cheers for your time

Goats are worms a problem?

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 09:19

So really Its the same as any compost such as horse manure? 

You can use it on the same day it was 'donated', but you'll run the risk of catching something horrible from it if you to use it, esp on food.  To play safe, I personally would make sure it is truly composted.  All fresh manure will be riddled with all sorts and has a high possibility of making a person sick.

Goats are worms a problem?

Posted: 15/04/2014 at 00:29

Not if you wash your veg thoroughly! All veg should be washed because it's been in the ground, and something will fertilize it, grins.You should not use it, esp on food crops until it's been well-composted.


Posted: 15/04/2014 at 00:24

Thanks very much for your answer! Is it safe? It wasn't clear on RHS's website, but I think it said it was harmful to people and animals. I have a cat who loves the garden and wanted to make sure.

Unknown Plant

Posted: 14/04/2014 at 23:10

Good idea with your woofa's. All parts are poisonous too.

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