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Another plant is please

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 20:32

Me too.  Willowherb seeds get everywhere here, pots, hanging baskets, borders, veg beds even in indoor plant pots!

What have I grown?

Posted: 26/07/2015 at 16:06

Some varieties of dahlia can grow to 6ft tall from seed in a single year!  Most will grow to between 1 and 3 feet tall though.


Posted: 25/07/2015 at 23:58

I grow all of my dahlias from seed - some from 'giant' seed mixes which grow to to 6ft in a single year which always amazes me!   I sometime lift the odd tuber and store over the winter if they are of a particularly lovely form and worth saving but I like the random surprises which come from seed.

grey mites on carrots, danger?

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 23:51

The colonies may increase and cause dieback of some of the foliage, potentially affecting the size of the carrots but probably not by much.  As it looks like your carrots are already a good size I wouldn't worry too much about them if you can't face squishing them! 

plant identity

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 23:41

I agree nut - I think it is Yellow Wolfsbane (Aconitum lycoctonum ssp. vulparia):


Leaking wooden greenhouse

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 18:42
KT53 wrote (see)

The surfaces will need to be dry for silicone sealant to adhere.  I would wait until you have a few dry days before trying.

I'll second that advice.

grey mites on carrots, danger?

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 18:40

Aphids.  Try rubbing them off with your fingers and/or have a look around your garden for ladybirds on other plants and transfer them to the carrots.

Disappointing bread beans.

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 18:37

Sounds like poor pollination.  If there are few bees around when they are in flower not many beans will be produced in each pod, and completely unpollinated flowers will just fall off.  Not much you can do about it other than to try planting them at a different time next year or hope for a warmer spring.  Also try to grow bulbs and flowers which blossom from late winter onwards to help attract bees to the area.

What variety are they?

spider MIte

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 16:41

Spraying with water certainly helps prevent them getiing hold but once you have a heavy infestation I'm afraid to say that it is not very effective as it doesn't actually kill them.

Potatoes & Carrots

Posted: 25/07/2015 at 15:44

There's a great guide to the best potato varieties for various cooking methods here:

You just about have time to grow some carrots now - choose early varieties such as Nantes early, Napoli, Nelson and Mokum.


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