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Help to value fruit trees

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 21:07

Yes, as fidget said, and add that to the cost of buying pot-grown trees which are as old as you can find (which will probably be 2 year olds.)

Help please?!

Posted: 27/06/2014 at 20:56

If you can't see what you need on this page:

please upload a photo as I can't really identify what you mean from what you have written.  The 'glazing clips' on the above page are what are used on 99% of aluminium greenhouses to hold the glass in place.  They are fitted like this:


Cornflower overload

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 22:03

As long as you take a good clump of soil with the roots you will probably be fine.  Water well before and then water the moved ones every day for a week or so.

ID help please

Posted: 26/06/2014 at 21:37

I think nut is right - maybe musk mallow.  I asked a similar question a few years ago when I first joined - in my case the seed was in a 'bee' or 'wild' flower mix.  Mine is a short-lived perennial and also self-seeds, so I still have it.

Tomato problems

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 22:50

Epsom salts are used to counter Magnesium deficiency which can lead to symptoms similar to what is in the photo's.  You won't harm the plants by spraying them with a dilute Epsom salts solution and it may well help them, so worth a try.  Humid conditions and water on leaves will make them more likely to catch fungal infections, so don't  spray very often and never last thing at night - early in the morning is ideal.  Very good ventilation is the best way of avoiding tomato leaf diseases - the plants like it hot and dry whereas humidity will encourage problems.


Posted: 24/06/2014 at 18:44

Many recommend ecover as their products are designed to have as few additives as possible - you want to avoid those with anti-bacterial additives as that will harm the soil.  I use just a few drops to a pint of water in a hand-sprayer.  All you need to do is break the surface tension of the water (which is what soap/detergent does) and this effectively drowns the aphids when sprayed over them.  Adding more detergent won't kill more aphids.

Magnolia died off

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 18:22

All you can do is keep it watered and hope.  There was a late frost here which killed all of the leaves and flowers on 4 of my young magnolias.  The ones which were planted 2 years ago have now recovered and grown new leaves but the two planted last Autumn are dead sticks and have now been pulled up.

Use your thumbnail to scrape a small amount of the outer bark from the trunk, starting at the top.  If it is still green underneath they are alive.  If brown, the wood is dead at that section, so move down a few inches and try again.  If brown all the way down there is no hope of recovery.  If you do find green tissue, cut all of the dead wood above it off, just above a bud if you can see one.

Garlic rust

Posted: 24/06/2014 at 00:22

It's now pretty much agreed that the culprit is Leek rust, as I've mentioned before.  See the RHS advice:



Has my broccoli bolted?

Posted: 23/06/2014 at 20:09

You are picking-up this gardening lark really quickly, OL!    All these little tricks and tips add-up and I'm sure you will have a better crop next year!   We all started off knowing virtually nothing, after all!

Has my broccoli bolted?

Posted: 23/06/2014 at 19:35

It happens to us all, OL, especially when there's a dry spell at a critical point in their development.  You can help by planting them deeper (up to the lowest leaves) when you transplant them, assuming you started them in trays or modules.  Do that when they have 4 or 5 true leaves.  Regular watering is also essential - if they dry out, it triggers them into flower (which is what the head is really.)

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