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what is Mertus

Posted: 12/03/2015 at 18:56

Myrtle needs a sunny spot against a south-facing wall to do well in most of the UK and is slow-growing, judging from mine which is in the perfect spot.  It is an evergreen mediterranean shrub originally introduced by the Romans. 

The sun has got his hat on....

Posted: 10/03/2015 at 22:08

Oops, I missed a bit - I should have said 'on Thursday March 20th' - it's not this coming Thursday!  And even worse, it's a Friday - sorry about that!


The sun has got his hat on....

Posted: 10/03/2015 at 21:35

The Sun will have a real hat on at 9.30am on Thursday, in this case it will be the Moon - 90% of it will be covered as there's a partial eclipse, the first visible from the UK in 16 years.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for very heavy cloud, so all you will likely see is it going quite dark for several minutes but anyone lucky enough to miss the clouds is in for a treat!  I'm surprised the rags and social media hasn't picked-up on this yet.

Where do i start?

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 18:11

Plan it all out (draw on paper) and tackle one small section at a time and do that small section well, is my advice.  That way you can see progress and not become disheartened, which can easily happen when weeds start growing back etc.  Personally, I would prepare the veg area first by digging it over and removing every bit of root you find.  Then mulch it with a good few inches of well-rotted farmyard manure (you can buy this bagged from garden centres these days, if you can't find any advertised in your local newspaper etc.)  As you want that at the far end, doing the hard work and carrying now will save you trampling over areas which you have already renovated.  After that I'd get the path in, which will help define the rest of the garden.  Curvy paths always work best in my experience in rectangular gardens.

fruit tree wash

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 17:57

Most chemicals which used to be used are now banned.  Google 'winter tree wash uk' and you'll see what is available.  Most are based on natural oils or horticultural soap.  They work well.

Spring Bulbs leftover from Autumn

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 15:38

Plant them - they may still flower,  but will be very late or they may just grow leaves and will flower next year (at least the daffs will - the tulips may or may not.)

Bird sightings

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 15:35

I was one of those kids, primrosecotage!  "Why is the sky blue?"  "Why is the Moon round tonight and not shaped like a C?"  "Where does porridge come from?"  etc etc!

Bird sightings

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 14:22

Not seen that particular one but they'll do anything to try and keep birds esp. gulls and pigeons away from airports.  Might even have been a trained kestrel.

rogue plant in border

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 13:30

Foxgloves, not a doubt at all!  That one will produce several flower spikes

ID Please Peeps

Posted: 08/03/2015 at 13:29

f-m-n leaves are indeed very slightly hairy, so they may be something else.  Might be worth re-potting as they look like they have been in that compost a while and may be a bit nutrient-starved, whatever they turn out to be.  It'll be easier to tell when they've grown a bit.

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