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Help! I'm not sure what to keep!

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 15:13

1) Purple Toadflax (Linaria purpurea), a weed but has nice flowers which are loved by butterflies etc. Spreads everywhere by seed but easy to pull up.

2) Not sure - could be a few things so would keep for now and check back when it flowers.

3) Sedum spectabile (aka ice plant), a keeper.  Flowers summer to autumn, loved by bees.

4) A Hellebore (probably Hellebore x hybridus), another keeper.  Flowers in late winter.

Ugly dumping ground

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 12:53

Yes, that is the essence of 'no dig' gardening.  You need to put a really thick layer of well-rotted manure down the first time (say, 6 inches.)  After that add 2-3 inches each year in the autumn and you will eventually have great soil.  Until then, when you plant things, you should give each planting hole a bit of extra preparation by mixing in some compost with the soil from the hole before planting.  By doing it that way you don't have to break your back by digging in manure and compost over the whole area.

As Ob says, you do need to break it up a bit first and obviously remove bricks etc.  A pick axe is a great tool on clay.

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Border design by Spanish bluebells

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 12:41

Hi all, I've just realised that for the last few years in those borders which are well established that I've not been doing any planning.  When I need to plant something, all I've been doing is digging up and replacing a bunch of Spanish bluebells!  If it's a taller plant then bluebells near the rear of a border get replaced, if short then bluebells nearer the front are replaced.

I still have just as many 'planting opportunities' as when I began this regime though!

Anyone else in the same boat?

Do these need repotting?

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 12:31

Well, you do tend to get more than 2 from a plant, B3!

Well, unless you really like them in which case you get none and/or the plants snuff it!  I hate them so get overrun of course (but it keeps OH and friends/family happy who get them for free.)


Posted: 14/05/2017 at 12:23

The reason they grow lanky is either lack of light or they are kept somewhere too warm.  It doesn't usually happen to plants grown outside (but they aren't hardy so die in the winter.)

Blueberry woes

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 11:11

I started with small plants (eg in 9cm pots) and they took 2-3 years before starting to flower so you may have to wait another year, BLT.

Blue vs purple flowers

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 11:00

They won't even germinate for me, Joyce!    Tried stratification, leaving a seed tray for a year in the cold frame, propagater all sorts!  Perhaps I'll have to try actually buying some plants.


Posted: 14/05/2017 at 10:52

Yes and you can also cut of sections about 4 inches long which can be easily rooted to make more plants.

Blue vs purple flowers

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 10:50

I call the colour of forget-me-nots 'sky blue' and consider it a pastel shade.  A true blue to me would be Salvia patens 'Oxford Blue' (the Cambridge Blue variant would be another pastel blue in my eyes.)  Of course, the definition of blue in a flower is the Gentian, which is why so many other blue flower varieties have that in part of their name.  As has been said, true blue is a rare thing in flowers and a colour I love.  Can't get gentians to grow for the life of me though - typical!

Blueberry woes

Posted: 14/05/2017 at 10:14

Agree with H-C and we've had both conditions this year.  Mine are in containers and a lot of them got frosted and are the same.  Luckily, I have several varieties and the later flowering ones seem OK.

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