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Plant orders for 2017

Posted: 24/01/2017 at 11:38

dahlias and lily bulbs - trying to be good, but suspect I shall fail as ever - but I will try - honest!!

Mulch allowed to touch stems?

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 09:40

Don't forget that the plants, nor anything else in your garden, have neither read the books nor seen the television programmes, and they all get on just fine!

Any hope for my completely broken Magnolia Stellata sapling?

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 21:29

Sounds as if you've given it the best chance it can have, if it still dies then you can rest assured you did as much as was possible.  Let's hope.  Taking out the top, heavier branches was a good idea.  Lets wait and see.  

The dreaded moss

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 11:41

I agree re scarifying in Spring - moss allows all sorts of pretty little flowers to come, I have viola, bugle, ranunculus "brazen hussy', oxalis, fritillary, crocus and many others in my grassy area - no way is it a lawn, but it is lovely - and mossy at present, lots of trees, thus shade and roots.  It's OK. 

Any hope for my completely broken Magnolia Stellata sapling?

Posted: 02/12/2016 at 11:37

 I broke a japanese maple in almost the same way - the break that is, not the tyre!  Anyway, I did as you have done, then tied it with plastic duct tape, buried the 'graft' well and hoped.  it has done very well and is now a lovely tree.  If you give it as much help as possible it will try its best, plants really want to live.  In the end, what have you to lose by trying?  All the luck in the world with it - keep telling us how it goes.  

Although the tree is a great pity, let us be thankful that no-one was hurt in the incident.  

Gladiolus bulbs in winter

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 18:10

 If you love it, - dig it up, dry it and replant in the Spring - they are not reliable in the ground in Norfolk, (where my son gardens too), and there can be some pretty hard winter weather there.  

Ornamental grasses

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 18:04

It took me years here in the Midlands to get Lily of the Valley going, had bits from friends who swore it ran like blazes, bought from good and less good websites - then suddenly, it went for it.  I now have it is several areas, in only one of which I had planted it, the others have, I assume, been planted by mice or someone else eating seeds.  Be patient, and don't blame anyone if it becomes an overrun!!  I'd not be without it, but it did take time.  

Another id please

Posted: 18/09/2016 at 15:27

Not the happiest plant I've ever seen!!   I'd be inclined to cut back hard, feed lightly (more in Spring) as you don't need soft growth now, give it a mulch and start treating with love when it begins to shoot in Spring. 

Plant growing in my garden

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 11:02

Which it will, given half a chance!  Was horrified to see one of our local plant sellers offering this as a basket plant.  Now, it may well do good there, but you will be stuck with it for ever …  let's be honest, it is a weed.  However, if you like a weed then it no longer is one, you just need to control it.  Good luck with that.

I've got the dark leafed purple flowered violet - can't recall name - which arrived in a pot of something else, and is now one of the major weeds in our garden - ta lots!!

How to dismantle a pallet?

Posted: 30/08/2016 at 15:38

Aym, not placebo effect re Aloe Vera - excellent gel inside the leaves for minor burns, grazes etc., sterile inside until you break the leaf.  Very easy to propagate, everyone should have on in the kitchen for when the oven bites, or the iron flattens you instead of the shirt.  

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