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Will red ant colony damage my potato crop?

Posted: 12/05/2013 at 11:28

I always get ants in my dalek composters, I guess the heat helps them raise their brood, they improve the air circulation so aid the composting, I always feel a little guilty when I water or turn the compost!.

Going to try the theory of 2 cuts a week

Posted: 12/05/2013 at 01:35

usually, lawn is biggest part of garden, so if it looks good, everything can feed off it.

Compost bins - tips welcome!

Posted: 12/05/2013 at 01:30

there is NO part in the middle, it's all one piece...

Going to try the theory of 2 cuts a week

Posted: 11/05/2013 at 10:40

Right, I want my lawn to thicken up, and try and get rid of the weeds in it. So, I've just spread my fertiliser and moss killer, (well at start of week day before it's piddled down) and now I'm going to religously cut the lawn twice a week. I shall use lawn fertiliser every 6 weeks and see whether the increased cutting really does encourage the grass. I shall report back throughout the season.

Petrol lawn mower

Posted: 11/05/2013 at 10:36

the coarse grass will be couch, damn stuff gets everywhere. Still, it's not that keen on being mowed once or twice a week.

Compost bins - tips welcome!

Posted: 11/05/2013 at 10:29

we all went for this type :

It does frequently go out of stock, but keep checking back. Far and away the best composting tool I think for darlek bins. I was really chuffed with mine, it's the sort you'd never need to replace, stainless, one piece and a doddle to use. I have also noticed that I'm probably going to make decent compost in about 4-6 months by turning it once a week. Can't recommend highly enough.

What is wrong with my Hibiscus ?

Posted: 11/05/2013 at 10:18

Could possibly be temperature, I had a hardy hib that never flowered, no matter what I did, fertiliser etc, So I put it in the greeenhouse last year and flowers no problem. Also, last few years we haven't really had a great deal of prolonged sunshine, so maybe a light intensity problem.

female dog urine

Posted: 11/05/2013 at 10:15

yep follow her round with a watering can and dilute the wee immediately, I would also use a lawn fertilizer every 6 weeks or so through the growing season (all over the lawn, not just where she's been!), this way the grass should stay the same colour green without much darker areas.

Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 09/05/2013 at 13:26

yep with a line and level :P

Garden Gallery 2013

Posted: 08/05/2013 at 19:40

I only knew him from on here, has he gone? I've not been here for about 5 weeks, lots of R/L stuff and such like. Name changed back BL, and FG nice work on those posts, you did by eye? or did you get keen with a tape?

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