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chilli plant

Posted: 12/06/2013 at 00:01

Darren you have to play the game mate. The move stuff in and out game. It is a REAL pain in the butt, 'but' it is all you can do. They need to be coming out of the cold frame into a shaded area for the day for at least a week, then they come out into a semi sunny area or in sun but only for a few hrs. You build it up gradually. Your peppers are probably VERY sensitive to temps, therefore you need to play the game and shift them in and out for a few weeks. Your peppers are in shock, this is why they aren't growing. Minute you help them acclimatise gradually, your problems will cease. Good Luck.

PS (I hate the moving in and out bit myself, does my nut in, but has to be done!)

Tomato plant problem

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 23:53

yep, I'd probably go with temperature stress, you have any shading on the GH? I ask because when my thermometer is in the sun in the GH, the temp can go into the mid 40's. Even in the shade, if the gh itself isn't shaded last week the temps were high 30's. Just remember plants don't like huge fluctuations. It makes them have shock, for example not acclimatising your seedlings before planting out, what has happened to you is the opposite. Instead of taking shock from cold, they have taken shock from heat. First thing a plant does when shocked, is conserve all resources to ensure it's survival so it can recover and still set seed. Typically this means sacrificing flowers and fruit first, and also soft shoots and new leaves, which relieves the pressure on it's food and fluid transport system.

This last week or so we've had has been some quite intense sun. I never burn, yet last week I burnt probably the worst I have for 20 years. (Took my t shirt off for just over an hour to even up my tan) I was still painful 3 days later, and when you consider I visit Malta 4 times a year and have done last 20 years +, it goes to show the intensity of the UV last week here in the UK. That is what has hammered your plants to the point where they have dropped their blossom before the fruit has set. Don't worry it'll set more, just be mindful of the temps in the GH, and also shading. Good luck.


Posted: 11/06/2013 at 23:40

So if they start to produce flowers, chop them off? My elephant are all trying to out do my allium, but I can chop them off should I?

Beetroot Problems

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 23:34

sounds like a lack of thinning to me. Each seed as figrat has said is actually several plants, like most things they grow bigger if thinned out. Don't just bung the thinnings on the compost though, tasty and bright addition to any salad dish!

Tomatoe plants...basic how to guide needed?

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 23:25

Currently wilkinson are doing the 4 tier greenhouse for just 17.99 I think. They have 4 shelves and a cover, the great thing is you can take the shelves out and stick two beef stakes in their new pots inside, should help protect from the blight, just be sure to unzip the cover if it's a sunny day! The great thing about using these mini greenhouses rather than the cheaper 'tomato greenhouses' are the shelves. Next year come march april, they are great with the shelves in for hardening off plants and seedlings. Just be sure to secure them very well to a wall. They do have a penchant for blowing away in the wind! Good luck.

clematis - The President

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 23:07

Yeah, my dad was the head gardener for 20 years covering 3 psych hospitals. This was back when the garden staff, (about 80 odd) not only had to provide display for the borders/roundabouts, keeping the grass cut, aboriculture etc, but also produced all the salad, toms cucs as well as all veg year round to the canteens.So he's kind of like the guru for most things as he did it on an industrial scale for years. He reckons about the apical dominance that simply removing the top shoots repeatedly, will cause what's left of the leaders to bush out.

I agree that taking the tops out, will cause those currently inactive buds to start to grow. What I'm not sure about is how far down the plant this effect will go, and to what extent. I mean it'd be nice that you take the top 6 inches off to just above a set of buds, but it is my understanding, that removing the apical dominance essentially the effect on dormant buds lessens the further from the head of the plant you travel. Thus if I take the top 6 inches off, and then take the tops out of the new leaders that grow, will this make a difference to the dormant buds that are 8 inches from ground level? As this plant seems to enjoy growing spindley by all accounts I'm not so sure. You see my quandry? If I chop it down to 18" I know it'll grow thick as I want, just no flowers this year, but if I try this keep taking out the top 6 inches, I will have flowers, but will the plant still not be as thick as I want it?


It's looking like I'm going to have to take a plunge, I think I'll try the taking the heads out repeatedly and see, I'll enjoy the few flowers I get, if it hasn't thickened enough, going to be chopped next year back to 18 inch then when it regrows new leaders, everytime they get to  8 inch or so, heads will be taken out again. It won't win. I'm thinking that this variety grows so spindley, perhaps the best way to manage it is to keep taking the heads out every few weeks til it's dense enough.

clematis - The President

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 11:34

looks like it to me, I've also had further thoughts, if I keep removing the apical growth, then surely all the dormant buds down the plant should be activated and should bush it out? This way I'll lose some flowers but not all, and should get the plant thickened up nicely?

clematis - The President

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 10:15

Thanks for the replies, I know the soil is not a problem as it was meticulously prepped with manure for the first foot, then mix of sifted soil and compost for the top foot of soil. Then a generous amount of growmore into this top foot. This was the whole problem I face chicky, I know if I prune it back hard, I will lose the flowers this year, but I should have a much better 'framework' for next year. Anyone think this is a good plan? I guess I'm on here looking for justification for not having flowers this year!

How would you describe your garden?

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 02:20

Best thing I can say right now is 'a work in progress'. Got my GH built, got most of the raised bed veg plot done, lawn is coming along, borders nearly sifted and ready. Fence has been replaced, need a big bespoke shed built, need to build some cold frames, need to rip out about 30 yards of privet and replace with pyrocanthus, (which needs to be grown from cuttings)

Yeah lots to do, as I said, 'work in progress'.



clematis - The President

Posted: 11/06/2013 at 02:04

Stuck with a problem, I built a 6ft high trellis fence 'windbreak'. Essentially it's 3 6ftx6ft panels attached to posts. On each I have planted clematis. These are plants a number of years old, and having been shifted from cramped large pots, have gone beserk! They are all type 2, and I stuck some wire fencing over the trellis to give them something to grip to. The Nelly Mosa and old man's beard dahlia type, have been quite good staying quite compact and I'm gradually training them to cover the whole panel. In the middle I have 'The President', again a plant that's maybe 5 years old, but it has insisted on only growing 4 or 5 main shoots. These have now reached the top of the trellis, and compared to the other 2, looks very threadbare. So now, do I sacrifice flowers this year, and prune back these 4 or 5 main leaders down to say 18 inches? Hoping that each will then throw maybe 4 or 5 more shoots  and thus cover the trellis? I have two presidents, they both have always grown quite lanky and spindley, I'm thinking maybe I'm missing a trick here, and not getting the flowers up the plant I should, just at the very tops..

Looking for advice from folks who have been successful with 'The President' in particular.

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