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onion sets

Posted: 16/03/2013 at 18:35

Hi Bob, I bought some 38cm diam plant pots so I'm going to put a couple of shallot sets in one and a couple of red onion sets in another...then I'm going to put some more of each in small pots ot modular trays, before planting these into the soil as you can only try...



Posted: 16/03/2013 at 17:54

Thanks Janapana, can I ask what you used for compost?.....I take it you growed them from seed....I have some South facing windowsills which my potatoes (chitting) and herbs are on just now, was thinking I could try them there then pot them up in April.. Too early? Thanks again



Posted: 15/03/2013 at 17:04

I dont have a GH and was wondering if anyone has successfully grown tomatoes outside in the Glasgow area......I see a lot of updates from people a bit further South where it is usually a wee bit warmer...If anyone has, can you give me some tips ie if you used bags or containers etc

Many thanks

onion sets

Posted: 15/03/2013 at 16:58

Has anyone grown reds or shallots in buckets or large pots? Have sets of boths and was thinking of giving it a go and also putting some straight into the soil.....also, are you placing sets or seeds into modular trays?? I have small pots, would it be worth starting my sets in these before planting out?   thanks for any info.


Supermarket seeds

Posted: 13/03/2013 at 20:51

Great folks, thanks!


Supermarket seeds

Posted: 13/03/2013 at 20:27

Morrisons are doing veg seeds relatively cheap (their own make - if you know what I mean). Allowing for the lack of variety, will these seeds be any good??


Container potatoes and veg

Posted: 08/03/2013 at 16:51

Watched a couple of Monty's videos re growing spuds and shallots in containers....he had a bin for the spuds but just a metal bucket for the shallots. 

Has anyone tried the shallots like this? Was thinking of trying it with shallots and red onions, and maybe even parsnips, if I can get big enough buckets...any thoughts??

I take it the type of container doesn't matter as long as there are drainage holes in the bottom?


Veg Growing Plan

Posted: 22/02/2013 at 17:28

Thanks for all the replies folks.


Veg Growing Plan

Posted: 18/02/2013 at 18:30


After successfuuly growing tatties last year at first attempt, I am hooked on growing veg and fully expect all attempts from here on in to be just as successful. 

After reading countless guides, blogs and articles, I planned the following. Please advise if any of the following is clearly stupid: Proper Garlic cloves purchased, was going to sow next couple of days (I know its late, but stay in Glasgow and still have frosty mornings)......parsnips in large pots/buckets in March?.....Shallots/Red onions in soil, albeit the soil is clay and heavy, next couple of days?

What do you think folks, many thanks for any advice...



Weeping Rose

Posted: 15/10/2012 at 16:07

Many thanks folks


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