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grass seed not germinating

Posted: Today at 20:23

Me too, and I'm pretty annoyed given I haven't had trouble with grass seed before and we invested in some special stuff with water retaining gel in the seed and everything.  But for us, I think the problem lies in the dryness and the fact that even though I have sometimes watered twice a day, the area has dried out very quickly due to the sunshine and drying wind we have had.  Watering has formed a bit of a crust on the top of the soil, which must be pretty off putting for a little seed.  A more normal April, with intermittent showers and some overcast-ness would probably be better.  So, I have decided that I will mix the seed with a 50:50 mix of compost and sieved soil and put that over the area I want to seed.  I am hoping that the water retention of the compost and the fact that the seeds will be covered will give a better chance of the seed taking off.  I'm not saying that will work, but it's my gut feeling about a course of action to take here.  You are not the only one with this issue this year, and normally, April or September are seen as the optimum time to sow grass seed.

Quince Tree

Posted: Today at 20:15

A lot depends on where you are.  Our tree has just put on leaves in the last week, and the blossom is only just starting to appear.  But the environment is favourable, warm and sheltered, despite being in the Midlands, so other areas could easily be a bit behind. 

Planting First Earley Potatoes

Posted: Today at 18:53

I just chuck soil all over them, but should point out that our soil is sandy, free-draining and like apple crumble mixture.  Not sure I would be quite so gung-ho with a heavy clay soil

I think my sweet peas have sunscald - what to do?

Posted: Today at 18:50

My sweet peas in previous years have gone like this, and you think you've lost them, and then all of a sudden a vigorous load of growth happens once the roots are happy and they go mad.  They always sulk.  I put upside down plastic bottle cut offs on them to give them a chance to settle in without interference and some frost protection.  I agree, even if you think they've had it, don't write the death certificate out until the end of May, by which time you will (probably) have had a nice surprise.  White leaves seem quite common when plants go out into the big wide world, but then they suddenly push forward from the centre and do really well. 

Planting First Earley Potatoes

Posted: Today at 15:52

Our Rockets are up, and I've earthed up.  We haven't had frosts here - it has got quite low, but not low enough. 

Onions and potatoes

Posted: Yesterday at 21:29

We planted 'Rocket' first earlies, and that was at the beginning of March.  We noticed leaves above ground about three days ago, and they are meant to 'rocket' skywards.  So to be fair, it can take a while.  Play a hose over them from time to time if it gets dry, as it has been over the last few days.

My Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 19:39

I look forward to seeing how the prairie border looks once it is more established.  With your planting, I like the blue tones in the greenery.  There are so many different types of green, but I love eucalyptus, which is at the blue end of the green spectrum.  I wish that tree was in the background at our house!

Trachelospermum jasminoides turned yellow

Posted: Yesterday at 18:55

Has it been fed much?  My hardy trachelospermum likes to be fed (don't we all!) and when my box bushes went copper it meant I needed to feed them up a bit.

My Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 18:43

Scott, that looks lovely.  What I like is all the different foliage/flower colours and textures you have.  I am trying to do something similar, but when I look at the area I want to cover (with a tree and shrub border/boundary similar to yours) and the size of the actual plants as they are now, as opposed to what I envisage, it's a bit dispiriting, so lovely to see yours as it is getting well established there - something to aim for   But I have nothing to rival those mature trees, especially that red one - VERY envious!  I know it might be your neighbour's tree, but boy do you get the benefit!!  I also like the way you have used curves, and it has reminded me that my current plan is a bit linear and boring, but plenty of time to change it - Sprig also makes great use of curves.  Well done.  I must put up some pictures and explain the grand plan here - a triumph of hope over the elements I fear!!


Posted: Yesterday at 18:15

The seed I planted about a week and a half ago isn't doing much either - it was that magic stuff with the water retaining gel round the seed.  I think in our case the soil which was dug over and raked and crumbly has gone solid and dry, despite me watering it, sometimes twice a day.  I am going to mix some more soil with compost, maybe half and half, and some more seed, in the hope that the compost element will keep the seed damper.  We haven't walked on it at all.  I have always autumn seeded before and that's always gone well.  Think it's just a bit dry??

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