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cold callers

Posted: Today at 12:38

I get them in France too, I say I'm English and don't understand, then put the phone down. One woman rang back to say she had found someone who could speak to me in English about Solar Panels!

Seed Sowing Time Yet?

Posted: Today at 12:32

I sowed flowers yesterday, 4 sorts of petunia, bedding dahlias, Cosmos Sonata, Ageratum Blue Mink, Verbena Compact, Lobelia, Zinnias free from GW mag. Today I sowed 4 sorts of tomato, French Marigolds Fiesta and Vinca Rosea. The broad beans in the GH aren't up yet. The rest I've put in propagators on a window sill.


Posted: Today at 12:16

I can't keep her in, she would have a panic attack, has always lived out with her friends. Hates being in, thinks it means vet (vaccinations) or dentist or something! When I kept daughter's horse in when he had a foot abscess he tried to jump out of the loosebox window!

Patisserie trays are good for seeds, pre-formed with clear plastic lids! Can punch holes for ventilation.


Posted: Today at 09:31

Morning all.

My horse has very sore back feet. Called the vet, he says no obvious problems, like an abscess, but she has very thin soles and all this rain and wet ground has softened the hoof so it's like she's wearing bedroom slippers. I had her shoes taken off for winter as I knew I wouldn't ride, but vet thinks she may have needed the protection.

If I feel well enough, limbs are like lead, I must repot the blueberries and there is a load of pruning to do.

Sowed lots of flower seeds yesterday, in propagators and motley patisseries trays on window sill.

Recommendations for direct sown annuals

Posted: Yesterday at 22:22

Echium "Blue Bedder" did really well, lovely blue. Calendulas, Nigella (Love in a Mist), Eschscholzia californica and nasturtiums are easy.

hanging baskets

Posted: Yesterday at 19:26

I know someone who tried them, they were fine, but not brilliant.

Garden girl, I've just sown some of those basket petunias today.


Posted: Yesterday at 19:20

Actually, you can grow almost anything in a pot if it's fed and watered and the pot is big enough. But buddleias can grow 2 1/2 m x 2 1/2m in a season. May not leave much room for nasturtiums! They should be cut back really hard every spring.


Posted: Yesterday at 10:56

As Swiss Sue says, ordinary buddleias are too big for pots. Are you getting dwarf ones, like "Buzz"?

Nasturtiums are annuals so aren't invasive, as has been said, pull up plants you don't want, but there are tidy little varieties like "Tom Thumb". Some are climbers, others aren't.

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:50

Gosh you've all been busy while I've been ill. About 5 pages since I last did anything. Daughters and grandchildren have gone this morning, feel weak as a kitten, but looking forward to getting going again. Garden is very wet, but sun is due soon.


Posted: Yesterday at 08:29

Better than I was, thank you, but temperature went up again yesterday. Take care Dove, if you are going out, keep warm.

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