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Christmas Greenery

Posted: 17/11/2017 at 22:38

I have several variegated shrubs in the garden, such as eleagnus and euonymus, also conifers and ivy.
I make bunches which I tie onto bannisters, light fittings etc.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 17/11/2017 at 20:50

I knew it was serious, but not to that point. But who knows how long life will be? Some people live far longer than expected. Just try to enjoy something everyday, this is where a good relationship with a partner can help. Will the breathlessness get better in time?

Think I'll have one of Dove's hot toddies, but not the one with cream, much as I'd like it. Why do colds feel worse in the evening just when you think they were so much better during the day?

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 17/11/2017 at 16:22

Please let us know if pistachio nuts work for you as well as Joyce, sounds a much more pleasant way of lowering cholesterol.

I've been outside sucking up leaves with the leaf blower. I now have 7 sacks of future leaf mould.

Farmer has been, cleaned out old hay from summer shelter with hos tractor and scraped up the mud around it down to the rock, so much limestone rock here, but sometimes it's useful. He's put 8 big round bales new hay into the winter shelter and 2 bales in the summer shelter. The horses will stay in summer quarters until we get back from Norfolk then they'll go in the winter paddock by the house, easier to keep an eye on them in winter and fill their water when it's below zero.

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Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 17/11/2017 at 12:55

I think that a tendency to high cholesterol is inherited. One of my daughters has a slight problem, 1st OH had high cholesterol, yet she is skinny as a rake. I am lucky in that I have always had a low blood pressure and pulse, but I have to admit that now I've lost over a stone and gone from size 16 back to 14 I feel much better and more comfortable. Mustn't eat loads of anything, but a decent helping of veg can stop you feeling hungry.

Difficult when you have a broken foot, a thyroid problem and a gammy knee, not fair.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 17/11/2017 at 10:14

Morning all.

Glad Wonky's cold is getting better, so is mine. Thank you, Joyce.

I don't grow garlic, only use a small amount as it seems to upset my tummy. Same with daughter 2.

We are off to Norfolk on Tuesday. Must do Housesitter's room and clean the house a bit. Don't want him thinking I'm a total slob!

It was -4°, frost, yesterday but today it was +2° at 8am and it's sunny. I must sweep up leaves on the kitchen terrace, done it twice already but the lime tree is now bare.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 15/11/2017 at 10:31

Morning all.

Have a lovely birthday and a happy day with your family tomorrow, Lily P.

I've been trying to co-ordinate a couple of Anglican Carol Services we are having in Dordogne in December. Readings, decorations, organist, service booklets (going to the printers tomorrow), refreshments etc.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 14/11/2017 at 09:45

Morning all.
Sunny, -3°, frost. Still much frostier here than at Obelixx's house, but she is nearer the sea.

My place is already bought in the village cemetery next to first OH. He wanted to be buried and he wanted me next to him. OH wants to be cremated and he wants his ashes in a lake where his first wife is which he bought from the Woodland Trust for that use. What a gloomy subject, can we talk about something more cheerful?

That's going to be a lovely pond. Will you have waterlilies?

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 13/11/2017 at 22:38

Hello, yes home safe, thanks. Long drive, took it slowly. Quiet evening with OH, thought I'd leave posting until tomorrow. But now I'm here (popped in before bed) I'll read back.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 13/11/2017 at 08:35

Morning all.

Just taken the granddaughters to school.

I was fine on Friday when I arrived at son's. Now I'm all bunged up with a cold. About to face the long drive back. At least it's not raining.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 12/11/2017 at 17:07

The granddaughters were invited to a birthday party this afternoon. I went too. Seemed the other parents were staying so I did. Really nice people mostly French of course, but there was a Finnish lady who spoke English and the grandmother and her sister who had come to stay were English. The children played, parents talked and cake was eaten.

Weather went back to being rubbish.

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