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Posted: 31/01/2016 at 22:30

David K, IKEA's mattresses are guaranteed 10 years.

Good luck with new job punkdoc's OH.


Posted: 31/01/2016 at 17:35

Are you good with your fists punkdoc?

Rained all day, just come back from wet walk with dog, getting dark.

Have been mending clothes belonging to OH this afternoon. He gets attached to his clothes until they are all frayed around the bottom. Sewed a new band around the bottom of his favourite summer jacket, he wouldn't let me throw it away last year. It was fiddlier than I thought.

'toilet roll seed starters'

Posted: 31/01/2016 at 12:12

Sometimes it's maddening. I put a lot of seed packets in a used supermarket bag and the bag is turning into white flakes.

RIP Terry Wogan....

Posted: 31/01/2016 at 11:59

Will be much missed. RIP.

'toilet roll seed starters'

Posted: 31/01/2016 at 11:57

I always used loo rolls but they have changed them for the make I use. They are biodegradable and flushable now. The loo rolls last year had almost disappeared by the time I planted them out, bit of a collapsed mess!


Posted: 31/01/2016 at 11:53

Not very exciting here, Dove, done some paperwork and emails. Raining.


Posted: 31/01/2016 at 08:53

Morning all. Raining.

Really enjoyed Turandot last night in cinema, filmed live from the New York Met. Several of our friends, French and English were there too.

On the way home, dark and raining, we were in a queue of 4 cars, 44 mph (70km) limit, white line and bendy road, when a white van shot past 2 of us, almost into a roundabout, then shot past the next 2. Lucky no one came round the bend.

Good news that Pat is feeling well enough to post.

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 30/01/2016 at 23:10

Weeded the lower middle bed yesterday, barrow load of rubbish from it. Planted double daisies round it. There were lots of snowdrops coming up under the dead autumn anemones.

Today it rained, stayed inside.

Salvia Turkestanica

Posted: 30/01/2016 at 23:07

They do self seed. I haven't got them but someone I know has and he says he now has too many!


Posted: 30/01/2016 at 22:53

Welcome back, Hosta.

We've just come back from the New York Met Opera - at Périgueux Cinema, live. Saw Turandot, magnificent, but the beautiful princess was rather ugly and old, lovely voice though. They used the costumes and props from an old Franco Zeffirelli production. Tickets were my birthday (Sept) pressie from Son No 2.

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