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My Perfumed Bristol Garden in 2016.

Posted: 03/01/2016 at 09:17

Good morning Marion. Wet and dark here too. I have a cold, so not going out anyway - except to feed the horses.


Posted: 03/01/2016 at 08:22

Morning all.

I'm bunged up and coughing with a bit of a temperature. OH is actually up before me so I've borrowed his iPad.


Posted: 02/01/2016 at 18:08

Plant ID please

Posted: 02/01/2016 at 18:07

It looks as though it's supposed to be a climber. It's leaves look a little like my young solanum crispum. They grow pretty big when they get going. Have you any idea what the flowers were like?


Posted: 02/01/2016 at 17:58

 My first introduction to gardening, but mine was smaller without the greenhouse.


Posted: 02/01/2016 at 17:51

I loved Fuzzy Felts, and those little plastic gardens where you stuck flowers in pots and beds and put little plastic fences round ?Britains.

Waiting for cottage pie to cook.


Posted: 02/01/2016 at 16:30

Why do his teddies have to be thrown out? My children have kept their soft toys and now some of my grandchildren have played with them. My first OH and 2nd OH kept their teddies. I wouldn't throw away any of my children's beloved soft toys. I also have other toys to be played with when they come to Granny's - like Liri.

Have been ironing, watched Father Brown. Now must feed the horses.


Posted: 02/01/2016 at 09:37

Morning all.

Got up late this morning. Mentioned that I had a sore throat on the 31st, I've now joined the cold brigade and feel achey.

What an adventure Hosta, although not a fun one. Will be something to talk about in the future. Hope the holiday goes well from now on.


Posted: 01/01/2016 at 21:12

Have a sip of sloe gin in between knitting, Dove

Not watching Sherlock, OH has put it on record. We need an early night, past 10pm here.


Posted: 01/01/2016 at 21:08

I was really looking forward to the last helping of Christmas pudding that I left in the fridge and someone has eaten it!

I was a nurse, seen lots of naked men so didn't mean much to me, but it's not worth falling out over it.

Off to watch Sherlock.

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