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Posted: 09/01/2014 at 22:57

No Gardengirl. I have a row of 3 makeshift cold frames along the side of the GH which I made from French red brick building blocks, they are quite thick and have square holes in the middle of them. The lids are just wood frames with polycarbonate. For ventilation I put bricks under the fronts to raise them and if it's very windy I put bricks on the corners. They are about 4m long and about 70cm wide divided into 3.


Posted: 09/01/2014 at 18:23

Pruned the autumn raspberries and cleared up veggie garden today. Cleared away tomato supports and OH did the runner bean ones, should have done them earlier. Then OH went to the DIY shop and bought wood to make new lids for the cold frames.


Posted: 09/01/2014 at 09:28

I had to laugh, Clari, the way you put it, although it's really more painful than funny.

Panda, I hope the week is improving as it progresses.

I was actually up earlier than usual as farrier came and my mare needed some cleaning up before he started. I think horses enjoy mud. But wearing a blanket helps keep them clean as well as warm and dry. 

Camera Corner

Posted: 08/01/2014 at 21:56

Lovely photos, Higgy. I especially like the top one with the lacy tree branches.

Speedy recovery David.


Posted: 08/01/2014 at 18:15

Nice day here, sorry Matty! But hope you get some good weather soon. Finished cutting the dead wood out of the Felicité Perpetué rose. In the end all the prunings came to 5 large wheelbarrow loads. 3 hours just disappeared!

Also groomed daughter's horse who'd been behaving like a hippopotamus in the mud and had given herself dreadlocks by rubbing her neck on a tree. Took a bit of time, but her mane is now silky and half the length. She was a fidget though. Daughter, a teacher, was sent to work in the North of France. No room for a horse.

Great British Garden Revival

Posted: 08/01/2014 at 18:08

Don't forget to watch Monday's programme when Pam, who has posted here as LilyLouise, (her garden was open for the NGS), will be on it in the bedding plants one with Christine Walkden.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday with Chris Beardshaw and hardy perennials.

Great British Garden Revival

Posted: 08/01/2014 at 09:30

I noticed that too, Toby and Lemon Balm, makes you wonder. I have purple sage, in a hot summer it grows big and fast, and it's perennial, wouldn't be room for anything else unless you keep it well pruned all the time. Also I find that soft green herbs like parsley and basil need a lot more water than woody ones like sage and rosemary.


Posted: 08/01/2014 at 09:24

Morning all.

Didn't rain yesterday and was quite mild 14°. Garden still quite wet so yesterday I attacked the hydrangea petiolaris and a rose Felicité Pérpetué which climb up a wall of the house to a balcony. I expect you'll say "wrong time of year", but I hadn't done them for a bit and there was loads of dead wood under the rose. It's difficult in summer when it's all covered in green leaves.

This was it in the summer. The wretched Virginia creeper pops up everywhere, not supposed to be there.


Cornus alba Sibirica in Containers

Posted: 07/01/2014 at 12:18

Cornus alba grows quite wide, so would be best in the ground. But you could grow it in a large container for a year or two while you decide what to do with it. make sure you keep it watered, it hates drying out, and feed it from time to time.

I have a golden Philadelphus in a pot which I was told would never flower. It's now 4 years old and has flowered beautifully. So, nothing venture, nothing gain.


Posted: 07/01/2014 at 10:31

Morning all.

Beautiful cat. If they spelt it Harrie it might look less masculine! Always lovely news when a cat is rehomed from a rescue centre. Hope it works out well for them all.

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