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Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 17:24

Gardener John, I like well edged lawns, that is, a cut edge. When I mentioned edging above I was talking about edges like brick or even wood that sticks up above the ground.

"What is this ? "

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 16:07

Yellow slime mould.


Posted: 24/07/2016 at 13:44

A few years ago I took OH to see our old house in Kent. It had 3 acres of garden, I opened it for leukaemia research and entered the local gardening show. The garden has gone, it's more like parkland, grass and a few trees and there is a tennis court where the rose garden was.

Garden Rescue - TV Programme

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 13:07

I'm sure Charlie wouldn't want arguing. She always seems so cheerful, good presenter.

Myosotis I don't like edging either, for the same reason as you and, unless it's set in the ground, you can't mow up to it.


Posted: 24/07/2016 at 13:02

Another hot day so no gardening. I'll have to play being on holiday, but the pool went green and I just can't get it clean. Is now grey with scum on top. Don't anyone be jealous of those with a swimming pool, more bother and expense than they are worth IMHO. Would prefer to live in a cooler country (England).

Just having a rant, don't listen, not a hot weather person.

Anyone done any gardening today - Version 2

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 12:47

Gardening on hold, too hot again.

My flowers ..

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 08:34

I'm well, thanks Verdun, about from Arthur Itis, hard to get up from the weeding on my knees. Hope you are well.

My flowers ..

Posted: 24/07/2016 at 08:33

aym, The rose is Suttar's gold, when in bud it has a red flush on the outside. The globe is Didiscus, but it's not huge, 1 1/2 ins across. Sown from seed as a summer annual.

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 23/07/2016 at 22:21

Thank you


Posted: 23/07/2016 at 21:52

I have not been very cool this evening, the weather seems to be getting hot again. We ate dinner outside.

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