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Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 24/01/2017 at 09:40

Morning all. -7°

My sons, 39 and 33, never use their land lines and I get told off when I ring on them (cheaper for me than ringing a mobile) as they disturb their small children when they are sleeping. Even my French bank won't accept my land line. If I make an online payment the bank rings me on my mobile, but there isn't a signal here so it gets complicated.

Cutting garden

Posted: 24/01/2017 at 09:33

aym, the seeds of Sweet Peas I find germinate well are Kings Seeds, but a Sweet Pea expert who used to post here liked Eagle Seeds.

Cutting garden

Posted: 24/01/2017 at 09:32

Dove is right, they are Dill flowers. I sowed Dill in the veg garden some years ago and now it just pops up. As it's light and airy I leave it among the veg. I use the leaves for cooking then let it flower. The only problem is the cut flowers drop pollen! The white similar ones are Ammi Majus.

Resurrected Six

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 23:09

Wouldn't you just rather have sex without the violence, Pansyface?

Thanks, Joyce. Still coughing, but am a lot better. Been a bad year for losing friends.

Cutting garden

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 22:47

They filled the kitchen with scent aym. They need a lot of watering here.

Resurrected Six

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 22:41

Been to a friend's Memorial Service today, cancer yet again.

I watched Apple tree Yard, similar thoughts to Lantana - too many broom cupboards and alleyways. Took too long to get going, but the end wasn't boring, more like shocking.

Cutting garden

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 11:11

Thank you

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 10:15

Morning all. -5°.

This afternoon we are going to a friend's Memorial Service. She lived here in France but went to her family in England when her cancer was bad, so the funeral was in England in November. Today would have been her birthday.

Cutting garden

Posted: 23/01/2017 at 09:16

My flower arranging isn't very good, just bunches of flowers in vases, but I think they are pretty anyway.

Cutting garden

Posted: 22/01/2017 at 22:55

I have a cutting bed in my veg garden but I grow mostly annuals in it. I have 3 Gypsophila perennials though and several of the flowers mentioned above. There is also a trellis for Sweet Peas.

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