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Posted: 20/03/2015 at 21:38

Fishy, if you are getting a thermometer then get a maximum minimum one.


Posted: 20/03/2015 at 21:33

That's lovely, Panda. My Leonard Messel is showing pink buds. I hope the sky is blue when it comes out.

Nighties all.

My Bristol Garden in 2015

Posted: 20/03/2015 at 18:43

I hope you enjoy the talk, Marion.

It was cloudy and rained here today, hardly got any darker for the eclipse.


Posted: 20/03/2015 at 18:40

We are going to Hyde Hall in July. It's in Essex, KEF. One of the 4 RHS gardens. Did you like it Panda?

Has rained all day, cleaned kitchen and sitting room. Going to daughter's tomorrow.

What To Grow In a Big Box

Posted: 20/03/2015 at 17:00

That is much bigger than most planters, I have roses in ones about 50cms deep. I think it might manage a dwarf apple tree. My daughter has an olive tree in a planter about that size. You will have to feed and water it though.

The other tree that could work is Mirabelle de Nancy on a semi dwarf stock, will grow to about 8 foot. I had one in a pot for 2 years before I planted it. I could have just potted it on, it was in a much smaller pot than yours. It is self fertile. Don't forget apple trees need to be near other apple trees of the right sort for fertilisation. Ask the supplier.


Posted: 20/03/2015 at 13:09

Sorry you're feeling poorly Wintersong, hope you feel better soon.


Posted: 20/03/2015 at 13:07

I get a blue rectangle with OK written on it on the bottom right of the error message.


Posted: 20/03/2015 at 12:36

Matty, if you get an error message then click on OK bottom right and the message goes, then just wait for the picture.

We didn't seem to have an eclipse, it was cloudy and raining, I expected it to go dark but it was just gloomy to go with the weather.


Posted: 20/03/2015 at 08:16

GB, you're not late. I'm amazed at how early people get on here. French time is an hour later.

Morning all.

Supermarket this morning. Then HW. Raining. Going to daughter's for the weekend, leaving tomorrow morning.


Posted: 19/03/2015 at 22:12

Definitely shouldn't watch super vets, I cried with them.

Goodnight all

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