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Posted: 09/02/2016 at 22:42

I would like to thank Nora and the team for all the recent work they've put into this website. We have our avatar pics back and problems are being ironed out. Thank you.

South facing containers

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 22:30



I have pots in full sun in SW France where it can get very hot in summer. They need watering every day or two days. If the compost dries out it's very difficult to re-hydrate it. In late May, early June, I plant summer annuals in them, such as petunias, verbena, diascia, rudbeckia, zinnia "Profusion", million bells and pelargoniums. In autumn I remove them and plant pansies, violas, wallflowers and  bellis daisies. They flower well in spring. I feed them with long life fertiliser.

Here are a couple of photos.


Camera Talk

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 19:00

Just popped in to make sure I get email notifications for this thread. Don't want to miss out on all the lovely photos.


Posted: 09/02/2016 at 18:57

I hope you had a good birthday Tooey.

I know Verdun's is in September because mine is too.


Posted: 09/02/2016 at 18:48

Thank you Hosta.


Posted: 09/02/2016 at 18:45

Have a lovely time Liri.


Posted: 09/02/2016 at 18:44

Thank you everyone.

Glad Clari got her pay at last. What a worry! Hope the next pay arrives when it should.

More sorting done. Bedroom curtains are up and look pretty.

I like sugar and lemon pancakes best, not having pancakes today, though I will be cooking a ready meal here for the first time.

We went to Norwich today to buy a bathroom wall cupboard for medicines, a kitchen scales and a bread bin (OH's got lost in his move from France to Eastbourne, that move was a nightmare too, it snowed and not everything seemed to turn up) and we bought in the sales an oak chest of drawers (which matches the bedside tables we bought last month). That was a struggle to get upstairs - had to lift it over the banister rail. OH had a chest of drawers which the removal men got up the stairs, but not enough room in it for both of us as we had to leave his huge oak wardrobe behind for his daughter 'cos it wouldn't fit here.

The car said it was 6° but it felt warmer. My eyes didn't stream. In France it would have felt colder I think, my eyes always start running when it gets to 7°.


Posted: 09/02/2016 at 10:59

Thanks Dove. The removal men were great, if anyone wants to move from Eastbourne I can recommend them.


Posted: 09/02/2016 at 10:51

Morning all. Just spent ages reading back to Sunday, in between helping OH to put up a curtain rail.

We had a nightmare journey from the flat in Eastbourne to the cottage in SW Norfolk. Gales were dreadful in Eastbourne, the removal men were worried about the journey home when the small lorry would be empty.

The Dartford Bridge was closed so they were using half the tunnel for the traffic going South, huge queues, never seen so many lorries. The cars and lorries were rocking in the wind as they waited in the queue. By the time we got through the tunnel I was bursting for the loo so OH turned off for Thurrock services. Oh dear, big mistake! But I had no option. Trafic was almost at a standstill, took 30 mins to get into the services and an hour to get out back onto the M25. Then more queues blocking our way off the motorway to the M11 as there had been an accident.

The removal men arrived about an hour and a half before us, thank God I gave them the key. They had just about finished loading when we arrived at the cottage. 

But the forecast heavy rain stayed off in Norfolk and the wind wasn't nearly as strong as in Eastbourne and up to London.

Unpacked most of the kitchen stuff last night and went to the local pub for dinner. Only the dining chairs and a rocking chair to sit on until tomorrow when IKEA will be delivering the sofas.

Glad to see Fairygirl is back. Hope punkdoc gets well soon. Must be well for the Valentine's party.

Virtual Valentine Party

Posted: 09/02/2016 at 09:59

Thank you punkdoc. We will minister to your needs, such as hot toddies or whatever, unless Mrs. pd wants us out of the way. Hope you are better by then, though.

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