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To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 14:28

Sorry gremlins at work  I like each one for different things , even Alan   and I never missed a viewing of Alan's Ground force.  I would watch him and droool.......

Not about him but the finished garden, ....... hubby didn't like him  though gave me too many ideas.........

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 14:11

I think that  for me each gardening presenter has something different to offer ,  and they specialize in one particular section . Depending on what  interests me at that moment in time   ,   

Students after feedback on greenhouse ideas

Posted: Today at 10:08

Mine too

Modern Technology etc.

Posted: Today at 09:35

I hope the Windows technical side thought so too 

kitchen worktops

Posted: Today at 09:30

It should have read worktop and not workshop,

Don't have workshop,

I'm.   Retired


Modern Technology etc.

Posted: Today at 02:10

MY53  Love it and will remember that one . I answered all there  questions and agreed with everything they said to me  .but they put the phone down on me after them asking if I was at my computer at this moment .i took my time explaining that I couldn't remember where I had put it Hope they phone me again they must have enjoyed talking to me though.they're been on for a good twenty mins or so  while I told them all about  the problems I have finding  my non existent hearing aid 

A Special day.

Posted: Today at 01:42

Pleased you have had a good day Mike and many more to come, have sent you a pm on another issue

One last question

Posted: Today at 01:29

Me too

kitchen worktops

Posted: Today at 01:17

I have to replace my one and only small workshop, I'm thinking about granite , always liked the natural stone 

I'm looking for others opinions please.. good or bad.

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Yesterday at 23:41

 Just checked up on some of my posts and maybe Mike isn't on his own here  I have started off the odd thread in the dark hours , so does that make me one of the clanns  vampiresses.   ........ or vampiresess. Even?¿? 

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thanking you all for received seed

just a quick ThankYou 
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bulbs. etc 
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