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bannana plant

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 21:14

My mums banana plant 5 years old  has started producing offsets from the side of the thick stem.does anyone know if they can be removed and potted on .if so  how is it done please ? Has anyone tried this?

I would have thought slicing off ,trying to get a bit of the stem too.a bit like an heal cutting and keeping with a poly bag over the top until New growth starts.

Tree problem

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 20:38

Sorry don't know what the tree is but the pods look interesting.maybe you can cut away the dead bits and it will survive if you should want to keep it.


Posted: 02/09/2014 at 14:44

Make sure you are giving them enough water.

I am growing a heirloom variety this year .the plants have strong thick main stem.the plants themselves are a lot tougher than the cherry ones and yellow sunriseI grow too the heirloom ones are thicker skins  And seem to need more water than the others altogether .I have put it down to the variety as welshonion says.


Posted: 02/09/2014 at 14:35

Even though it's a bit late for growing peppers this is what I would try: repot in a 6 inch pot in a good potting compost.there will be sufficient food and nutrients in the compost so don't feed any more  as yet.put the plant in a light sunny position. It willl  help  if you can stand it outside for pollinating insects.your flowers probably fell off because they were not pollinated .water it a little daily until it gets bigger then increase the water.

Don't let it get dry ,this will encourage red spider mite.I give mine a daily misting over with a sprayer.your cheep  B m bargain store sells little sprayers for 45p.

When the flowers start to form spray into them ,like you do with the tomato flowers .it sets the fruits.  Wait until you see the centre forming into fruits.

Now is the time to feed with a tomato food. As the plant grows you may need to repot to the next size.

Some gardeners nip off the top leaves of the main stem to help it Bush out.

You may need to use sticks for supporting.

NEXT YEAR START IN FEBRUARY!  As artjak does. Or buy as small plants 99p I think from B&Q 

I myself cheat and buy jumbo plant plugs from jersy to pot on , 

Verdict....your new plants this year

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 09:48

Being in the cottage gdn society I usually go for the mixed packets at seed swap time.I love a surprise and this year was no exception.though I guess it must be o 's I had sown from last year's mix .last year it formed a rosette and this year a gigantic  4ft plant .

Found out it was a salvia of some. sort ,it had me's flower started off in a 4 inch long and 2 inch wide loose , hanging Cone in a mixture of white, green ,pink, purple,blue .. I'd seen nothing like it .I had taken a photo to send in to cottage garden for I'd when it started branching out .the cone was a mixture  of  bracts .each one branched out into  a stem  to then form what I  realized was a magnificant Mediterranean looking  salvia. Which I have seeds  from if anyone wants  any. 

White choc cheesecake

Posted: 02/09/2014 at 09:11

Cheese cakes made and half disappeared so today it's harvesting blackberries and jam making .maybe blackberries go well with white chocolate cheesecake? 

Something tells me  I will find out!

Wish list for seed and plant swap

Posted: 01/09/2014 at 23:40

Hi every one , here is my list of spare seed.

Crocosmia  Lucifer

Purple honesty


Blue flax flower

Swiss chard bright lights

Mixed heleniums Ameranthus cream and tan shades ( will be ready in a few weeks )

Echinops steely blue

Echinops white


Will sort out remainder list tomorrow.



White choc cheesecake

Posted: 01/09/2014 at 19:30

Sweet pea if your melting it over a pan of water don't let the water boil, or get into your choc  .melt it without covering it with a lid or the steam will prevent it from melting

.or if it's already melted as it will be warm  don't use a lid.

If I'm using a lot of chocolate which neads melting I grate it first. A bit of messing about by hand but it's worth it.

White choc cheesecake

Posted: 01/09/2014 at 19:21

Not read other threads on this yummi cheesecake. But I did make it this morning and it's a firm favourite already .didn't get as far as the freezer. I'm serving it with chocolate sauce. Thanks again bekkie and your  mum.

White choc cheesecake

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 20:37

Thanks bekkie , it sounds  yummi and guess what ? I've got all the other things in the cupboard the Philly cheese is still out of date but it's tasting okey so I shall make one.

Thing is it won't be refrigerated for two long I just know that I shall have to do two for safe measure

Incidentally it was myself who started the thread off by asking about out of date Philly cheese.

Thanks again, than.

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