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Osteospermum jucundum var. compactum Osteospermum

Posted: 07 September 2014
Overall: I've tried a few of these this year and they're doing very well.
Do I cut them back in autumn or spring, or leave them alone? Any ideas greatfully received.

Acanthus spinosus Bear's breeches

Posted: 12 August 2012
Overall: I planted mine in full sun, but it does get a bit overshadowed by a buddlea. I flowered for the first year but not since. Is it because of the shade?

Cosmos atrosanguineus Chocolate cosmos

Posted: 24 June 2012
Overall: I managed to overwinter mine for the first time . As i don't have a proper greenhouse I wrapped the planter in fleece. This worked fine and new shoots emerged!!!! The rain came and I started bringing it in at night. One night I forgot And the slugs ATE THE LOT!! That was the end of the plant.
So this does work if you're not forgetful

Akebia quinata Chocolate vine

Posted: 15 April 2012
Overall: too big for my garden, any ideas?