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David Austen Rose - white bobbles on some branches

Posted: 07/03/2012 at 18:56

i had a customer once that bought nothing but david austin roses, he had 25 all in all, and one by one they died of this white mildewy colouring, i sprayed them, i even used armatilox, but maybe  too late,

Looking for evergreen climber

Posted: 03/03/2012 at 16:38

weve just had to remove winter jasmine/clematis 4 different varieties as it grew too vigorous and our new customer had to have a new fence panel put in because her exgardener didnt train it properly.

holes in greenhouse plants

Posted: 03/03/2012 at 16:25

when i first started growing plants around april, id noticed this, moths can be a pain, also noticed a small black flea type fly, so started using vermiculite/perlite/ to mix in and perlite to put around the plant, and changed my hoping for something different this year,

What do I need for my greenhouse?

Posted: 03/03/2012 at 16:21

hi meema, my greenhouse is heated too, ive lined the greenhouse around the bottom with bubble wrap, i bought a big roll from focus, wilkinsons should stock it,  i have a propergator too, quite a big one, thankfully was given to me, because they are expensive. when i was setting up i went round gardencentres to see if they had any pots,trays. tubs. you"d be surprised how much they have, i know some recycle. but its worth a try it worked for me and ive save  quite a lot of money. i grow plants for customers, and i need 6 cell trays or 9s, which i save on my rounds, if your neighbours/friends have bought plants ask them to save the pots. have fun hope it helps

Talkback: How to take dahlia cuttings

Posted: 03/03/2012 at 16:06

i  heard the same as david spikes, but this year i am saving the old tubers and see if they do anything, i love to experiment. my husband will say your not going in greenhouse again!


Posted: 03/03/2012 at 16:01

i had quite a few bareroot dahlias and cosmos which were in the garden, around after first frost i dug up ,when they dried out placed in a box with shavings along with begonia corms, keeps them dry will replant april.

Plant Labels

Posted: 25/02/2012 at 22:03

i must admit that was another  thing i wasnt buying anymore, plant labels, im growing plants for customers winter spring summer, and when ive finished with the label, and come to grow the same plant but a different  name i put it in a pot and write another one out, so through the winter ive washed all the labels some have come up clean, i dont use the pencil ive used a marker sharpie.

Get thrifty

Posted: 19/02/2012 at 23:32

plant pots/trays

some garden centres/small garden shops will allow you to help yourself to pots/trays

also compost when sowing seedlings; my next door neighbour uses the good stuff, i told him i do but i buy the cheap to fill the trays and then a lair of good john innes then the seeds and a lair of john innes  on top

new seeds, bulbs and plants

Posted: 19/02/2012 at 23:24

im always saying ill use what ive got first, but like to buy to grow different annuals/perenials for customers, did my own garden design last summer;


a show of colours and shades blending together some of these plants had 4-5 different names. ive taken some pics on facebook

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