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Cosmos atrosanguineus Chocolate cosmos

Posted: 11 January 2013
Overall: i have grown annual cosmos, but this year am looking into buying the bareroot, i have been reading some of your tips and the way to store, i suppose its give and take like dahlia tubers i store them in a box with wood shavings,we shall see

Rudbeckia 'Aries' Coneflower

Posted: 25 February 2012
Overall: im glad it survives in my garden too last year had 4 different varieties; glorius daisies, goldstrum,marmalade, toto gold, and just bought Aries.
i love the sunflower heads, Gaillardias are gorgeous, coreopsis, ive grown these too. Our front garden last year was a picture, reds/oranges/yellows/browns blending in. im new on forum so when i can find out how to send pics ill put them on

Achillea filipendulina 'Gold Plate' Yarrow

Posted: 25 February 2012
Overall: igrew achillea summer berries i planted them for a customer, i thought they were lovely pinks@othershades, but someone told her that it was yarrow and they are weeds. so i looked it up, and yes, but i thought its got beautiful flowers on it plus bees love it.