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Posted: 23/01/2013 at 13:32
Lyon Greene wrote (see)

In my parents' day everything was delivered by travelling tradesmen, who all came round in vans. There was a milkman, a baker, a fruiterers, a butcher, a coalman, general store deliveries, even an ironmonger, all in vans.

There was also the Paraffin Man, the Pop Man (who also sold bags of crisps with a blue paper twist of salt) and the cockle sellers.

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Posted: 23/01/2013 at 12:56

Oooh Flowerchild, that's cold - you'll need more than a woolly hat to keep you warm!

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Posted: 23/01/2013 at 12:53

Talking about smells .... just been reading in the paper about a road tunnel in Norway which will be shut for several weeks after a 27-tonne truckload of sweet goat's milk cheese caught fire.  The flames engulfed the tunnel last week and gases from the melting load hindered firefighters. It took four days to put it out. 

is it ok to feed birds ordinary suet rather the prepared bird suet you can buy

Posted: 23/01/2013 at 12:31

Lavender Lady - I've been feeding mine on suet and lard for many years and they seem to love it.  I melt it and mix it with oats, seeds, dried fruit, etc. and make my own fat balls either to put in the feeder or hang up somewhere.  I have even just put it out as it is and it all gets eaten very quickly.   Much cheaper!

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Posted: 23/01/2013 at 12:22

Hello forkers.  We've had more snow here but it's melting quickly as its not so cold.  Was supposed to be in school today but got a text at 7.00 am to say school was closed - it's not so much fun having a day off when you don't get paid and don't work anyway

One advantage of getting older is you don't care if you go out in silly hats . Warmth, not fashion, is your main priority!  Hope Geoff is wearing something sensible though .

Hope all goes well for Glyn on her long journey.

Gary - what time shall we all come round for dinner?

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Posted: 22/01/2013 at 20:00

How about this snow zombie Becks?



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Posted: 22/01/2013 at 16:10

Hope that doesn't mean more cracker jokes . 3rd Feb is OH's birthday so I will be treating him to Sunday lunch at Marriott that day .  Will be using meal for 2 voucher won in a raffle


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Posted: 22/01/2013 at 15:40

No more snow here yet, thank goodness, but some forecast for tonight/tomorrow.  Had some rain today for a change .

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Posted: 22/01/2013 at 15:26

Hi Everyone - more lovely pics. Flo - snowbarb .

Lottie - I bought a tube of Germolene the other day and it's not bright pink anymore and doesn't even smell quite the same .  Hope you warm up soon!

Will miss mackerel - love it covered in black pepper and warmed up in the microwave.

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Posted: 21/01/2013 at 19:52

Just a tiny slice BJay - just to revive you???

POLICE WARNING - Advice to anyone travelling in icy conditions should take with them:
a shovel, blankets or sleeping bag, extra clothing including a scarf, hat and gloves. 24 hour supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, torch and spare batteries. Safety triangle, tow rope, petrol can, first aid kit jump leads..........   I looked a right idiot on the bus this morning!!!

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