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Rowan tree issue??

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 18:58

Looks like the graft has failed/is failing ... that's an enormous amount of damage from 1 year's ownership, which suggests the problem may have started before you bought the tree. Try contacting the seller for a replacement - use your photo as evidence?

You mention it had a rocky start.... in what way?

What does this mean?

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 18:49

Do be aware of the size of the plugs - they're often much smaller than you might imagine if you're new to this type of shopping! Details will be given somewhere in the small print on the catalogue/website.

If you're expecting to get them now/soon, then you might want to pot-up each plug into a bigger pot-size fairly soon, so that the plants can get good & sturdy before you plant them into your ornamental trough outside.

Moving Bamboo

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 18:32

You might try re-potting your bamboo into a large, strong (black plastic/polythene?) plant pot, then 'planting' almost the whole thing in your preferred place in the garden, leaving only about 10cm of the pot rim above ground level.

That should contain your plant for a number of years, and resolve the dryness issue. And, if your bamboo tries to leap over the rim, it will be easy to spot & prune off. 

My experience is that they prefer damp & some shade/shelter from drying winds, and that even the so-called clump formers will start to spread eventually... 

Plants with balls

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 18:16

How about a dwarf lavender, such as 'Hidcote' or Imperial Gem'?

They offer colour & scent in the summer, and can be dead-headed/ trimmed back to your desired shape once the flowers are over.

Talkback: Planting out tomatoes

Posted: 18/05/2012 at 19:46

Have to admit, I've taken to sowing my toms & peppers (in a propagator) relatively late, i.e. mid-April, then housing them in the greenhouse till the end of May (I grow lots for a village plant sale). BUT this year, they've not grown strongly and are so TINY, I may only be able to charge 25p per plant, which could really impact on the amount we raise for charity - pooh!  

Talkback: Final preparations for Chelsea

Posted: 18/05/2012 at 19:38
Just keep going - you're nearly there!

Talkback: Dealing with lily beetle

Posted: 18/05/2012 at 19:29
This year, my lilies seem to be fated - nibbled by lily beetles during the day, and munched by slugs and snails whilst its raining, and overnight. Some pot-fulls are being attacked for the 1st time, despite being several years old!
This is the worst damage my lilies have ever suffered.
When I find either types of pest, I get great satisfaction from lifting it from the 'victim', then quickly crushing underfoot.

Thanks Marinelilium for the tips about garlic, mint & lavender. I'll try them out.

Talkback: Tulips

Posted: 25/04/2012 at 15:02
I can sympathise. I grew several pots full of tulip bulbs this year, and have several blasts of colour next to my front door. But one pot has no flowers, i think because I didn't water them enough at a key time. There are leaves, and buds formed, but then aborted. All my fault :-(
And, since I have problems getting them to flower a 2nd year, I may never know what I've missed. Pooh!
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