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Talkback: Creeping buttercup

Posted: Today at 15:50

I'll be waiting for that horrible creeping buttercup with my spade from about January next year.  Unfortunately, being a mere novice gardener, I didn't know what it was this year and having planted bluebell bulbs and hardy geraniums I didn't have a clue what was what.  I'll be a little wiser next year!  Buttercups better look out .

Garden Design Computer Programme

Posted: Yesterday at 23:31

Personally, I'm happy with Excel for keeping my records BobTheGardener, so it's just something to plan stuff on.  I don't think either it's that we can't visualise what we're planning, it would just be massive fun to have a computer programme to play around with and experiment.  Something we can't do in practice.

Garden Design Computer Programme

Posted: Yesterday at 18:03

Buddyboy mentioned this on another post today - Marshalls Garden Design Visualiser.  I've loaded it up but haven't had a chance to try it.  See what you think and maybe we can swap findings here?

Garden Design Computer Programme

Posted: Yesterday at 14:26

Yviestevie, I can understand completely what you mean, in all respects.  I hold everything in detail on an excel spreadsheet, together with plans for (at the moment), Autumn and Spring next year.  So many different plots and so many perennials, it's the only way to keep track for me. 

It would be brilliant to have a computer package where you could enter the name of the plant and colour and it would pop up on your screen in 3D.  The option to key in soil types and conditions would be important so that the computer can advise you if it won't work.  To be able to see colours and types of flowers together before planting would be fantastic.  I remember seeing on such programme, but it was very limited.  I'm sure it would be very useful if someone was prepared and had the know how to produce the package. 

Gap in my clay border

Posted: Yesterday at 12:02

Brilliant, thanks Verdun.  You really know your stuff don't you?!  Grit has been added to the shopping list

Beaus Mum, astrantias will definitely feature on my shopping list, plus rudbeckias which I hadn't even considered for this plot.  Sounds like they'll do really well.  Thanks MuddyFork.

I like some of Verdun's other suggestions too, so looks like that's another happy morning spent browsing the local nursery coming up 

Gap in my clay border

Posted: Yesterday at 08:57

Oh yes, thanks Beaus Mum.  I love astrantias too.  And they like a lot of sun, I think?  They would get it in this plot.  Yes, hopefully I can buy them already flowering, so it's instant success.  More expensive this way, but in some ways better results.  There is loads of space for different flowers, so I'll wait to hear from Verdun again and then go shopping

Gap in my clay border

Posted: Yesterday at 00:25

Beaus Mum, the coreopsis will be pink, red and orange; the penstemons will be red, red and white and purple.  I just love a good splash of colour, although sometimes I have "pink/white" sections, "blue/white" etc.  Thanks for considering it.

Verdun, thanks as always for your suggestions.  I knew I could rely on you   You may be able to help my thinking and planning here.  I generally research what a plant needs - type of soil, conditions etc and plan from there.  But, I'm finding that some of the information I glean, is not always accurate.  So, for example, I looked at all your suggestions and found the following:-

Heleniums - need good drainage, which my clay soil won't have in winter?

Aconitums - flower late summer/autumn - these are very pretty but I think they may be too late flowering, once my coreopsis and penstemums are established? 

Acteas, cimicifugas - these look a good possibility.  Are they ok with very wet soil in winter? 

Rudbekias (which I love) - are they ok with very dry soil in the summer?

Aster frikartii Monch - oooh, beautiful.  I've never seen these before.  Do you think they'll be ok with a very wet soil? 

And even after hours of research and planning, I still sometimes seem to get the wrong plants in the wrong beds!  After a year of gardening, I've had loads of success which gives me great encouragement and plenty of failures too, but I do SO much enjoying working it all out.  No planning or research though, is going to make up for practical experience, which is why this forum is so useful. 



Have I got a really tall Holyhock?

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 22:28

So would clay soil suit them?  And can they be left in the ground over winter (the ones I have are perennials).

Gap in my clay border

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 22:26

I planted some mixed Gaillardia as part of a border in front of my back hedge but they all seem to have died. 

The soil is clay although I'm working at it to improve the soil.  I'm going to have to fill in the gap with something I can buy locally from a nursery. 

The question is what?  It's about a 4 metre gap.  I've got coreopsis (now budding up nicely) and penstemons in the rest of the border so something that would complement them.  The whole border is about 21 metres long.  I'm not fussy about the colour at this stage and the only flowers that I wouldn't like to have there are geraniums.  Something between about 50 and 100cm in height would suit the area and that will flower this year.

Any suggestions please?  I don't want to go "blind" to the nursery otherwise I'll end up getting something unsuitable and also spending too much money (again )



Posted: 27/07/2014 at 21:01

Watching and waiting in anticipation ...

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