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Fatsia japonica

Posted: 11/06/2014 at 23:42

Yes, it should have perked up by now, although the older leaves may be turning yellow at this time of year and it seems like the plant is dying.  The yellowed leaves can be picked off fairly easily and you will see new shoots coming through.  I was tempted last year to cut down the top branches of my fatsia as they looked a bit bare but sentimental value stopped me from doing so. I am so glad I didn't as all the tall branches have new leaves on them and the growth last year even with all the rain was phenomenal.  I planted my fatsia 8 years ago knowing little about it except that I loved its leaf shape and colour.  I must have got lucky as it was about 8" tall at that point and planted in a shady clay soil its now 10 feet high and about the same in diameter... great plant that needs little assistance.  Sits nicely between a viburnum and surprisingly an ericaceous rhododendron.  I planted a second one today on the opposite side of the garden to be used as a boundary shrub. 

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