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Favorite apple

Posted: 03/02/2015 at 17:27

Will I get told off for saying I like Pink Lady? I've heard a lot about how it's not a real name and they're not as good as they're made out and so on, but I like them. Not surehow you'd get one at all cheaply, though, unless you put some fresh peelings on rooting hormone and compost under a sunlight lamp ...

Movie quotes

Posted: 02/02/2015 at 18:24

No idea, but it would have made a Frankenstein movie funny.

Movie quotes

Posted: 01/02/2015 at 21:57

Don't know the quote, but it sounds like it was Marilyn Monroe and she followed it with "I'm high maintenance."

Movie quotes

Posted: 01/02/2015 at 12:07

Yvie, well done! It is!

Movie quotes

Posted: 31/01/2015 at 20:32

Time for another one?

"It's where people can some day look civilisation straight in the eye and spit, and you don't have to please anybody, and you don't have to love thy neighbour. You leave the ba___rd alone."

Movie quotes

Posted: 31/01/2015 at 18:54

Edd is right about The Fabulous Baker Boys. The first one:

Movie quotes

Posted: 31/01/2015 at 12:52

Nobody? Alright.


I told Halloran we didn't do vocals, and he said, "What my Sissy wants..."

"My Sissy gets!"

She got it, all right!

Left handed tools

Posted: 31/01/2015 at 02:44

... and for those of you with rat, squirrel, magpie or pigeon problems, the Air Arms TX200 Mk 3 .177 is available left-handed too.

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 31/01/2015 at 02:33

As for how fast the birds can get rid of a handful of mealworms, I decided to find out with the help of my camera. The camera does spook them a little, but they still scoffed the lot inside 8 minutes. I put more out, but it was getting dark.

Favorite apple

Posted: 30/01/2015 at 17:39

Tootles, apple trees flower at different times of year. To get fruit, you need two different trees that flower at the same time and are compatible.

Of course, bees fly long distances (they can ssutain a colony four miles from the nearest flowerbed) so you may well have a good pollen source within range already. One way to make sure is to get a tree that's got two-way compatible trees grafted onto it.

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