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Gardeners World TV Program

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 21:46

Yes but Sunday afternoon in the greenhouse listening to GQT with a flask of coffee is bliss!!!!!

Gardeners World TV Program

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 21:32

Hiya Patzz

I know what you mean about Nigel - he's great!!

I know I sound as if I am having a go at the program but rather than seeing someone's collection of cyclamens I would have prefered some more gardening advice from Monty. Have you seen the Beechgrove Garden program? I find it really helpful and it runs trials which I find very informative.  It's back on TV on 2nd April

I wish we had more gardening advice programs on TV. I love Gardener's Question Time too but that too goes off the main topic of answering listeners questions (which the show is all about) and visits gardens, which isn't very interesting when you can't see what's going on and not very relevant. Where else can we get questions answered?

Oh Gosh I do sound a moaning old thing!!! Sorry folks!!!

Gardeners World TV Program

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 19:44

Does anyone else agree with me that Gardener's World on BBC2 seems to be moving away from 'hands on gardening'?

I really love the program and Monty Don, but we seem to be getting less and less practical advice now and more going to other peoples gardens.  Last week's program contained only what seemed to be a few minutes of Monty in the garden and I thought that's what the program was intended for?

There are many other programs showing gardens all over the country but I look forward to things I should be doing now and watching the presenters doing the relevant seasonal chores in their gardens. It usually spurs me on to do the same in mine that weekend!!

Sorry to moan!

Bind weed

Posted: 11/03/2012 at 22:36

I heard Bob flowerdew talking about this on a GQT one Sunday and he said he uses a blowtorch on his. I know this sounds drastic but he said it does something to the plant and kills the roots as well. I think he said you have to wait until there are good sized leaves to zap. Sorry I can't remember the exact details but I am going to try it this year when the shoots start appearing.

Hope this helps and do take care!

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Gardeners World TV Program

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