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About me:Hello fellow Gardener's, This is my very 1st year where i can branch out a little with normal gardening, i have for 27 years, just had a very tiny backyard so all growing was done in containers, i successfully grew shrubs, plants and veg's but now i can be more adventurous! I am in a bungalow which was converted for ease i think with a Gravel-Container garden in mind - so i have the job of uprooting most of this and a path, to set about making the garden i want. I am a novice really so my knowledge is gained from Gardeners World show and mag' and i have books (lots of them) lol. Any Gardening Tips will be very much appreciated. I wish to grow a big border of flowers and shrubs, i have climbers in mind for each side of my fenced garden i want to include a raised veg patch, i have a shed and a greenhouse already and a cold frame, I brought ALL my Container Garden with me from my previous home, a lot of that is to be included now in my borders. I also have other interest, my two Dogs, reading (Garden Books) and a sewing craft. like all kinds of music apart from Jazz and most modern stuff, i'm a Rocker at heart and love Ozzy! Feel free to message me.
more coming soon...