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Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Today at 10:43

Ooooooo - Australian photos

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Today at 10:42

i use it everywhere 

and the last two are in the shade.  Wonderful plant 

More Plants Identity

Posted: Today at 10:34

Penstemon are perennials - some folk have trouble getting them through the winter as they can be borderline hardy, but in Guernsey you should have no trouble

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 23:42

T&M do mail order - bigger choice than in GCs ......this is the one I was looking at

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 23:29

Lizzie -  Thompson and Morgan do laurentia seeds (its called isotoma too) - maybe you could get some delivered to your Norfolk cottage in time to sow next year?  Its one of my favourite (deer proof) summer annuals, and it always performs well here.

Where in the world are you?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:12

I'm one of those woosie southerners, at the crossroads of Surrey/Hampshire/Sussex ....lots of things round here called Three Counties xxxxxx

Work full time, but spend as much of the weekend as I can get away with in the garden .....come rain or shine.  Love it

'But they said anyone can grow this plant!'

Posted: Yesterday at 20:22

Coreopsis.......something eats them - think its meeces

More Plants Identity

Posted: Yesterday at 20:20

I would say you are right with your first 3.  The last is a penstemmon (? Spelling?)


Posted: Yesterday at 20:11

Wow MU - what a talent. Looks stunning'll have to find a home for it now


Posted: Yesterday at 12:48

Monty haters look away now

Just came across this article on t'internet, and it summed up "what gardening means" so beautifully (particularly with all the horrors of the current year) that I thought I would share.

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