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Signs that Autumn is upon us

Posted: Today at 07:07

Definitely has that "back to school" feel out there this morning - heavy dew, bowl full of raspberries and plums and poncey aster Monch flowering like mad (love them)

Provado vine weevil

Posted: Today at 07:02

I bought some last year, and a quick google search shows Amazon are still selling it, so it should still be on the GC shelves


Posted: Today at 06:55

Morning peeps

Just been out to pick a bowl of raspberries for my porridge .....its shaping up to be a lovely day

4 day weeks for me for the next three. Long weekend in Russia coming up ......getting excited now

Better go earn some pennies first 


Posted: Yesterday at 23:02

Hi Steve - new climbing rose sounds good - which one ?

night Joyce, morning Pat... See you again in just under 8 hours 


Posted: Yesterday at 21:17

Just seen that too

Agastache Blue Boa

Posted: Yesterday at 16:42

Just done another batch this afternoon


Posted: Yesterday at 16:21

Lovely view Yvie .....enjoy

Agastache Blue Boa

Posted: Yesterday at 12:08

I am very close to you Peanuts (near Farnham) and I lose mine nearly every year.  Took some cuttings about a month ago, which seem to have taken, and about to do some more today.  Well worth the effort though


Posted: Yesterday at 11:27

"Can we stay in the car til the end of the chapter" has a very familiar ring to it 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:32

Welcome back LilyP - sounds like a wonderful (if exhausting) time.

And lovely to see you DD - hope this is the start of a new, positive and much calmer era for you.  Stephen Fry reading HP reminds me of every holiday we have ever taken that involves a car.  One particular one, in California, we finished 23 hours of the halfblood prince, and had to visit a Barnes and Noble to buy the Deathly Hallows ......the american version is read by an Englishman (who's name escapes me) but not Mr Fry took a bit of getting used to

Last night's excursion was uneventful, so we were in bed and πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ by 2.30.  Just been woken by littlest chicklet returning from Reading .....tired, dirty and very happy.  She has now gone off to a) wash her hair and b) sleep.  Her belongings are in quarantine outside the front door

we have buzzards (similarly mobbed by crows) here too - love to hear their cries.  Occasionally see them perched in a far off tree, but never in the ground.

Weeding for me today, and trussing up my raspberries so that my early morning breakfast pick has less of an amazon feel about it

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