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Posted: 14/05/2014 at 06:52

Don't you worry you might sneeze - and accidentally buy something.  

Morning all - beautiful clear morning..... But thankfully no frost.  Love that moon picture - we commented on how large it was here too.



Posted: 13/05/2014 at 09:07
Good luck to OL's biggest man in his biology - hope lots of plant questions come up - he must have absorbed some of the plant knowledge flying round the house by osmosis

Aquilegia photo album

Posted: 12/05/2014 at 23:05

Most of mine are not open yet - but here is what happens when a fancy yellow long spurred one has a fling with a common purple.  Not sure i even like it very much, but keep it for novelty value



Posted: 12/05/2014 at 22:53

Haven't had chance to catch up yet - but just popped in to say big thanks to Gardengirl  for alerting me to the Chelsea build up programmes - just watched the first on iplayer, and set the rest to record


Posted: 12/05/2014 at 22:50

And from me too.  Wishing you a speedy recovery


Posted: 12/05/2014 at 06:44

Morning Archie (who will have long gone by now), mrsG and Dove.  Glad the dove chicks are safe in their sky dish.  Good luck to all with exams this week.

Wind finally dropped here too - what a weekend of squalls! Glad i wasn't anywhere near a gazebo Ggirl.  

just done a GH check and all is growing.  Our wisteria is in its prime right now - must get out there with the camera before it goes past its best.

Human irrigation system

Posted: 11/05/2014 at 21:06

Will be thinking of you tomorrow Mike, and sending all the positive vibes i can muster your way....


Posted: 11/05/2014 at 21:02

Thanks Toby Twirl


Posted: 11/05/2014 at 20:02

Am i too late for cake?  Comfort eating as a result of the footie.

Loved Corfu Stacey - have a fab time.  We swam in crystal clear coves, ate loads, and saw dolphins.  Also went riding - prob at the same place as OL.  Saw tortoises basking on the paths in the sun.

Lots of plants potted on, raspberry canes planted, sunny, but wind still wild.  Not looking forward to next week - Chicklet has 2 exams every day til week on Weds ....and we feel her pain

Wildflower id

Posted: 11/05/2014 at 12:19

Many thanks all - its in my Dad's garden, so will pass the knowledge on

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