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Posted: 28/10/2013 at 12:53

Glad you escaped AJK - will be great to have a new GH ready for the winter.


Posted: 28/10/2013 at 12:11

Lizzie - think she is on her travels, but expected back very soon

Any damage?

Posted: 28/10/2013 at 10:19

Seems there are several trees down across roads around here - OH just took a very circuitous route to work.  Luckily no-one hurt here - others have had it worse.  Terrible thing wind - scares me silly.

Nut - if you see Dove this morning give her big hugs from me !


Posted: 28/10/2013 at 07:54

They say it is best to leave it alone - only start watering when you see green shoots in spring.  However, this is for an unheated GH - not sure about a conservatory, which would be warmer and drier.


Posted: 28/10/2013 at 07:52

CG - couldn't find any bendy straws !!


Posted: 28/10/2013 at 07:45

Hi Fairy - think it should be fixable (haven't ventured out to check !) - but it looks like it came down in one piece so to speak.  It was also a piece that I have yet to clothe in clematis, so no plant damage done.  Biggest problem is that now the deer can get into the cage.  Speedy repairs will be needed to stop them !

Any damage?

Posted: 28/10/2013 at 07:37

Lost one panel of trellis here in Surrey - but not out of the woods yet !


Posted: 28/10/2013 at 07:35

Morning - not going out in that, so working from home! 

So far have lost one panel of trellis, but can't see any other damage - trees are still standing.  However, seems we have more to come - will be fingers crossed here til about midday


Posted: 27/10/2013 at 21:49

OH searching for the torches - i am searching for the bendy straws - he can't understand why. 


Posted: 27/10/2013 at 21:39

Thanks Nut -thats the sort of decisive answer i needed

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