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Anemone Wild Swan

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 11:56
The ones i succeeded in getting established (after many failures) are doing well, having just made it thru winter number 2. I'll let you know in a couple of years Verdun

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 11:11

Ok, time for some "before and afters".  We had a messy bit outside our front door that OH decided to tackle.  He cleared it, built a stone wall, filled it with several tonnes of muck and topsoil, and I filled it with plants.  Here it is one year on:







It's my birthday

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 10:53

 Happy Birthday Clari .  The image is to help give OH a nudge

Garden Pictures 2015

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 10:44

Indeed - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous everyone

lizzie - whats the tall pink one in pic 2???  I want one badly


Posted: 23/05/2015 at 10:39

Panda, Wonky ....Sunshine its heading your way pretty soon.  I love watching the weather track across the country by following forker comments

Have a wonderful week in Dublin Panda - enjoy the craic

Chelsea tv coverage.

Posted: 23/05/2015 at 10:21

I've loved the coverage ...still got a fair few programmes taped to work through this weekend


Posted: 23/05/2015 at 10:02

Morning all Wondered whether the Big Weekend would affect you much Dove Think wine in the garden whilst listening to the warbles of Olly Murs waft over the fence is the way to go.  It'll be over by 11 .....this is the BBC.

looking forward to a long weekend.  Few jobs to do in the garden today, and then Sun/Mon is our village open gardens.  Will be visiting on Sunday,and helping to sell tickets on Monday

Glad your geums are doing well OL - i have a load from the offer a couple of years ago which are putting on a spectacular show

Chelsea pictures 2015

Posted: 22/05/2015 at 23:31

 The writers retreat

Mr Beardshaw does it again


 Love Auriculas

 All in all a great show

Chelsea pictures 2015

Posted: 22/05/2015 at 23:25

Here are my favourite pics from Chelsea


 This sculpture of the airman was amazing

 The australian one

 Matthew Wilsons was lovely


Posted: 21/05/2015 at 23:05
Exam season stressful - but halfway thru for littlest Chicklet tomorrow - woop woop

Seem to be going ok for now. Chicklet has A levels in a couple of weeks too - so house is more than slightly on edge. Mr chicky is considering moving out til its all over - too much female drama for his straightforward brain to cope with. He is getting up extra early every exam morning to provide hot bacon butties as brain food
Hope yours are going well - be strong tomorrow ((hugs))

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