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clematis in need of identification

Posted: 11/09/2013 at 17:37

Back again - but at a proper computer this time, so had a look on my "Clematis on the Web" site.  Not sure it is Polish Spirit because the flowers only have four petals, whereas Polish Spirit has five.  There is a four petalled one called Liisu, which might be a candidate.  However, I would have a look yourself, because only you will be able to see whether the bars on the petals look right - its difficult to pick that up in a picture. 

Link is here:

There is a handy feature where you can input all the details you know (flower colour, flowering time etc etc) and it will come up with all  the potential candidates.


Posted: 11/09/2013 at 13:13
Yes please Stacey - sounds like a good way of putting my plum surplus to good use!

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 11/09/2013 at 13:04
Wasn't my post, but looked like a sparrowhawk - i'm sure GF will confirm

clematis in need of identification

Posted: 11/09/2013 at 12:58
Its a beautiful colour ! I don't know it, but there are a number of clematis id sites on the internet - i use one called " clematis on the web"


Posted: 11/09/2013 at 06:26

Morning all,

Starting to make my weekend garden "to-do" list in my head (normally something that starts on a Weds, in hopeful anticipation of the weekend).  No.1 at the moment is to tame a vinca which seems intent on smothering the rest of the bed.  Not got there yet, but the hellebores will soon be under threat.

Verdun - whilst I am there, should I be chopping leaves off my hellebores now ?? They all look nice and healthy, and normally I would leave it til early January, but I read earlier in the week that you were cutting yours back now ..... and you are a bit of a guru on the hellebore front (well, all fronts really).  High praise for this early in the morning


Posted: 10/09/2013 at 22:41
I didn't know you could grow them from seed - have added them to my list to try for next year

What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 10/09/2013 at 20:18

Oh dear

Moans about GW

Posted: 10/09/2013 at 20:17

Agree with all the above - its a great programme and I never miss an episode.  An hour a week, with no diversions for sport, would be perfect. 

Like Beechgrove too, and even A-Z was a welcome diversion in the winter's months (and that MUST have been cheap TV) - we need them all, and more please

raised pond with stream

Posted: 10/09/2013 at 19:28

What a wonderful job - looks absolutely stunning.  Thanks so much for sharing the journey with us

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 10/09/2013 at 19:26

WW - meant to say - your evening yesterday sounded so lovely - often the ones you don't have high expectations of turn out to be the greatest crack !!

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