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Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 10/06/2016 at 22:20

ps.....I want one

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 10/06/2016 at 22:14

Love it Flowerlover  and Runny is right - it has echoes of my favourite Chelsea garden

Planting a Rambling Rector

Posted: 10/06/2016 at 08:04

Mackenzie kate - that is going to be spectacular. Can we have another photo when it is in full flower please ???

if you've got the space, then the rector can be glorious


Posted: 10/06/2016 at 07:57

Morning all

one more day til the weekend

Have grand plans to plant up all my summer pots, get the cosmos in the ground, and generally empty the GH ready for the tomatoes (which recovered from their dodgy start, and are now looking pretty healthy).

I saw the lady who lives in Columbine Cottage out gardening yesterday, so I stopped the car and went over to talk to her (think that might be slightly eccentric behaviour ).  Her aquilegias were also wiped out this year - she thought it was blight, or stray weedkiller from the council verges.  But when we compared the symptoms it was clear she was hit by this aquliegia gall midge too.  Seems little point in me going round removing buds to "break the cycle" if it is affecting the whole area.  Very sad.  On a plus point, the lady was lovely, and was very pleased that a random stranger stopped for a chat

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 23:39

....did it work

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 23:22

But you have poppies just ready to burst Meely - so always something to look forward to from this point of the season on

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 22:46

Joyce - it is called something like Hawaiian Coral.  The first pic is Coral Charm which starts off a similar colour, but fades to cream as time goes on.  Fleeting, but wonderful

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 21:20

Its peonyfest time here

plus some lupins too

Newly Transplanted Hydrangeas--Are they dead?

Posted: 09/06/2016 at 07:44

You might want to think about re- siting them too (although wait and see if they recover first).  Hydrangeas like a lot of water, so they will never be happy in the rainshadow of a roof unless you spend a lot of time watering them.  Have you anywhere else they could go?


Posted: 09/06/2016 at 07:40

Morning. Just popping out to the GH for a watering session, then a day of work beckons

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